18 Best Guitar Lessons on Youtube in 2022

Best Guitar Lessons on Youtube

You want to learn how to play guitar, but you don’t know where to start.

Learning the guitar can be frustrating and intimidating, especially if you’ve never played an instrument before. There are plenty of guitar Youtube channel out there on the internet, but it’s difficult to find the reliable ones. 

Also, if you don’t know what you’re looking for or how to practice your new found knowledge, it can be a very frustrating time for all involved.

Why guitar lessons on Youtube is a good way to learn?

Any true guitarist loves nothing more than sharing their passion for the instrument with others. With the internet becoming more and more prolific, it has led to many high-quality guitarists sharing their skills through Youtube Guitar Lessons (and other social media outlets).

But the sheer volume of Youtube Guitar Lessons available can be pretty daunting for someone new to learning the guitar or one who is returning after a long absence.

So, we have compiled a list of 19 best guitar lessons on Youtube that are all set to help you out! This list contains some of the best guitar lessons on Youtube and is tailored for people of all skill levels.

A Quick View: Three levels of Guitar lessons according to your skillset:

If you dont have time to go through our extensive guide of guitar lessons, here is a quick view for three levels of Guitar Lessons you can choose varying on your skillset:

Beginner Guitar Lessons

If you are starting, it’s essential to find lessons explicitly geared for beginners. These lessons will typically introduce you to the basics of the instrument, such as how to hold the guitar, how to tune it, and some basic chords.

One of the best Youtube Guitar lessons for beginners is Justin Sandercoe. His Youtube channel, “JustinGuitar,” offers a variety of lessons that are perfect for beginners. He takes you through each step slowly and clearly, making it easy to follow along.

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Once you have the basics down, you will start learning some more advanced techniques. These lessons can be found on Youtube channels geared towards intermediate players.

One of the best Youtube Guitar lessons for intermediate guitarists is “Guitar Control.” Not only does Alex Hutchings share a wide variety of intermediate lessons, but he also has a fantastic series called “In the Style of…” where he teaches you how to play songs from well-known artists.

Advanced Guitar Lessons

If you have been playing for a while and feel like a master at your craft, you might want to try out some advanced guitar lessons. These lessons can be found on Youtube channels geared towards advanced players.

One of the best Youtube Guitar lessons for advanced guitarists is “Guitar World.” While it might be a little intimidating for beginners, this Youtube channel offers a wealth of information for more experienced players. You can find all sorts of youtube guitar lessons, such as performance, tone, and improvisation.

BONUS TIPS: Many Youtube guitar lessons channels offer a free trial to gain access to the entire catalog. Try out as many as possible until you find one with lessons that are “just right” for your skill level!

19 Best Guitar Lessons on Youtube

Let’s explore the various youtube chanels that offer best guitar lesson channel for the people who want to start with own guitar playing

1. Rob Chapman

Rob Chapman has provided numerous other websites to his visitors as Guitar youtube channels. He usually concentrates more on equipment analysis & research. He reviews several different guitar instruments and accessories. Some guitar riffs are incorporated if you are using these. Only two songs are mentioned.

Lessons emphasize rock, bluegrass, or steel guitar music styles. In addition, the site offers guitar giveaways that can be entered during the giveaway. The book also covers everything necessary to get you started enjoying learning all kinds of instruments & instrumenting. We provide various guitar lesson courses for beginners and professional guitar players.

A few other lessons taught on this youtube channel include guitar modes and shredding. All those in need of new gear follow their manuals and guide them in purchasing gear and parts.

2. Marty Schwartz

Marty Schwartz provides music for many genres on YouTube channels. He shows you the methods of playing a wide variety of guitars, including folk-rock, blues, and pop music. He covers several guitar styles to help people learn specific genres of music. His songs come under different genres, i.e., the 1950s or 2000.

GuitarJamz is the best-known guitar site for music lovers looking for reliable online guitar lessons. Marty runs every lesson very fast for the novices. This guest video provides an inside track to his Youtube channel where musicians talk engagingly using a specific technique.

These guest videos also provide an overview of various viewpoints and explain why some are useful while trying the techniques on guitars. It is an excellent starting platform and an easy path for anyone looking to learn to play guitar on the go.

However, some people whose guitar playing background has been gained are worried about its speed, which is difficult for others because of their musical skills.

3. Samurai Guitarist

Samurai GUITARIST is one of the best online youtube guitar lesson channels that help anyone find the correct information. The music of this book combines Rock, Jazz, and a mix of Blues music and demonstrates the skill and humor you could not believe.

While no guitarist is trained, you can always find songs that fit your style and find a few other things which may improve your playing experience compared to others. These Canadian players have the best video games on this site, and they can play several exciting video games.

Next on the list will be the last, and you will have a great chance to learn more, hear great guitarists. This youtube channel will serve other interested individuals and those interested in musical instrumentation.

4. Andy Guitar

Andy offers straightforward beginner lessons. He offers ten days of introductory lessons on Youtube and is available to all people who have only started practicing them once.

Topics – The topics are intonation changes in strings, tuned amplifiers, and pedals. Several popular song lyrics he plays now have become popular. If you desire a more advanced learning level, we will teach you as soon as we get started! You can also listen to songs on his usual website for free.

Each month some updates are added. Moreover, he offers a fun and practical lesson for kids who want to get more interested in guitar theory. You can get some music on their YouTube stream too.

5. Music Is Wining

Music is Wining has regularly taught guitarists and provides general info. Your guitar type can vary from rock and blues to jazz or other genres. In this section, all players learn how to use guitar equipment properly.

The master instructor teaches tricks for shredders in introductory classes, including sweeping and cutting. Anyone interested in learning about a particular genre through musical analysis provides very light and informative content. You can enjoy learning to play guitar – there will not be many songs on this website you can play.

These Youtube channels have many valuable things to say with interest in guitar reverb and pedal reverb.

6. Paul Davids

Paul David’s TV show will always have a strong interest from guitarists worldwide and others. No songs tutorial is the most prominent feature of the Youtube channel, yet some songs are on this Youtube channel.

Paul covers acoustic guitar, which means you might come across something unusual, no matter your playing style. Excitingly, this guy has an unbelievable understanding of guitar-related technology, and it helps a player get a good understanding of what it is. Paul’s calm voice makes it worth sneezing into our website for a longer time.

The network offers many riffs, differing instrumentations, musical theory, and music theory.

7. Your Guitar Sage

You are the music guru of YouTube. We offer guitar learning videos on YouTube. Lessons range from basic to advanced levels of training. If he were a guitar teacher, he would use this video. He describes scale theory, chord formation, and the practice of playing a musical instrument through the ear.

And you can earn money for his youtube guitar channels with regular giveaways. Additionally, the guitarist covers several guitar genres, including rock and popular music. He’ll cover other songs, but later, it will be an unfocused thing. Some aspects include recommendations he’d like his own experience as a guitarist.

The guitarist offers numerous guitar tips in general.

8. Let’s play guitar!

Let’s Play Guitar!” is another Youtube channel focused exclusively on Acoustic Guitar for students, with online songs as well. The youtube guitar lessons offer an excellent choice for acoustic guitar players, particularly for anyone whose hobbies are classical. There is no dual camera, and the audio quality is good, and a single shot is shot in every footage.

All songs feature notes which appear in the display for easy access when they need some help or aren’t clear yet. So let’s go; playing guitar is an excellent website for new and experienced guitarists.

In addition, you may learn some recent songs — which entails familiar songs from artists.

9. LickNRiff – Free Guitar Education

LLckNRiff is a fantastic Youtube channel for playing guitar. Lessons are vibrant, covered with guitar studies, and their content quality is awe-inspiring! You should see thousands of available YouTube tutorials that come with minimal difficulty.

Some players may find it difficult to focus entirely on vocal guitar, and there are not countless guitar lessons offered online. But always retain the same learning regardless if one of these guitar pieces has a beginner’s level. The website provides a free download of each tutorial.

For example, you can learn more about specific guitar techniques such as vibrato.

10. Guitar Goddess

Guitar Goddess can assist beginners and intermediates in teaching guitar. She has an effortless teaching style, so there is fun there. Aside from the unboxed parts, it shows the latest guitars that they buy.

You will learn how to write a new song and keep motivation in your payments. Most content is acoustic guitar tips or electric guitar lessons, so there will probably also be electric guitar instruction offered. You can find category information in this channel, including easy strumming guides.

She makes her guitar collection available online to promote unpacked or otherwise. She has even released a few photos of her guitar.

11. Guitar lessons365Songs

Guitar lessons365Song is a beautiful channel for singing. It’s Carl Brown who has created his network with some incredible talents. Each song on the channel uses several camera angles, which allow your ears to hear songs completely at full velocity to understand them quickly.

The sound and video are unique, but the music plays perfectly, and the video is excellent to listen to. The video and the audio sound are spectacular, and those songs tutorials will help you learn about each other on the videos available through the channel.

We’ll find things that you won’t find on this platform.

12. Nashville guitarist Ronquillo

It has excellent YouTube guitar lessons available. It is appropriate for beginners and older players. If I could string some notes with the guitar, this would be perfect for these songs from Slash, Jimmy Page. Keep this movie for your records. YouTube Guitar Lesson is designed as a fun way for beginners with an easy-to-learn sequence of five tunes to help grow your skills while playing. It’s a beginner tutorial for intermediate musicians. A beginner is a beginner guitarist and a beginner to music playing.

13. JamPlay

JamPlay has launched a new YouTube video offering guitar lessons to guitarists. JamPlay provides instruction for participants from a mainly different group and teaching staff. There will be an added benefit to gaining traction by teaching YouTube video lessons on JamPlay as it will be used to show more videos.

JamPlay channels offer only teasers to encourage subscribers to complete lessons through our service. It can be downloaded as a teaser, but it does boast quite an impressive range of lessons and many different guitar styles.

14. The-Art-of-Guitar

The Channel teaches guitars no more. Mike Mushov is an American singer that plays in the videos. It provides an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of theory and good licks you can use yourself.

There are songs available to learn if something is important to them. Mike offers excellent opportunities to practice, improve your knowledge each night, and learn daily things.

The website is exciting and fresh and offers information and guitar tips for learning or playing. You can see more about these channels.

15. Rick Graham

Even with no riff, I recommend watching Rick Graham play with one or more songs for the most part – it’ll prove very interesting in the end. But I think he was highly talented too.

Even when he walked to the stage, the riff surprised him, but I still felt amazing. The best is that Rick’s music makes many complicated chord and rhythmic parts easy to master. He offers several videos explaining the importance of getting an excellent technique for any beginner.

I genuinely enjoyed playing with his skills and experience.

16. Shutup & Play – Guitar Tutorials

Shutup & Play: Guitar Tutorial concentrates more specifically on electro or acoustic guitarists. The camera does not have an additional camera because it has a lot of sounds.

These videos show many details on playing songs if you have to play them in-depth, which you should watch. Classical music is essential to the music of many different genres. All videos are in HD with excellent audio and excellent quality.

The last channels on our list are Shutup and Play.

17. Kfir Ochaion

Kfir Ochaion produces new tune covers using original music. He provides little tutorials, and each video has something small that anyone might like to watch and enjoy. The most experienced people should find the channel helpful because it can inspire their ideas about a project.

If you enjoy music featuring the Electric guitar, it’s the Channel that you can not ignore. If you have any Instagram followers, you won’t see them. I’m not so sure.

18. Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar has many suggestions for improving your guitar playing. Even for people already playing guitar, there is an option for those with more experience. Justin gave me a good lesson that doesn’t feel uninteresting.

He brings to life every detail he has mastered and makes his videos inviting for guitarists of any ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who gives the best guitar lessons on YouTube?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preference. Some of the best guitarists who offer lessons on YouTube include Justin Guitar, Mike Mushov, The-Art-of-Guitar, and Rick Graham.

What type of guitar lessons are available on JamPlay?

JamPlay offers a variety of guitar lessons, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. It also offers lessons for different styles of guitar playing, such as rock, blues, country, and jazz.

Can I find free guitar lessons on YouTube?

Yes, there are many free guitar lessons available on YouTube. However, the quality of these lessons varies significantly, and it can be challenging to find quality lessons amongst the vast amount of content available.

Is it better to take guitar lessons from a personal instructor or YouTube?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preference. Some people prefer the individualized attention that they receive from a personal instructor, while others learn more by watching guitar lessons on YouTube.

What should I look for in a guitar lesson?

When looking for a guitar lesson, it is essential to consider the instructor’s level of experience, the style of guitar playing being taught, and the type of lessons offered. It is also essential to ensure that the instructor is certified and has a good reputation.

Is it OK to learn guitar on YouTube?

Yes, learning guitar on YouTube is perfectly acceptable. However, it is essential to be aware that the quality of lessons available on YouTube varies significantly. It is also essential to find a qualified instructor who can help you develop your skills as a guitarist.

What are the best free guitar lessons?

The best free guitar lessons can be found on Justin Guitar, The-Art-of-Guitar, and Mike Mushov’s channels. These instructors offer a variety of lessons that cater to different levels of experience and styles of guitar playing.

What are the best-paid guitar lessons?

The best-paid guitar lessons can be found on JamPlay, where instructors offer a variety of lessons at different levels and for different styles of guitar playing.

How often should I practice my guitar lesson?

It is essential to practice your guitar lesson daily to develop skills as a guitarist. However, it is also important not to over practice the same music section.

What are some tips for taking guitar lessons online?

When taking guitar lessons online, it is essential to have a good internet connection and a quiet place free from distractions to learning effectively. It is also essential to be prepared for each lesson by practicing the material that will be covered.

What is the best place to learn guitar online?

The best place to learn guitar online is on JamPlay, where instructors offer a variety of live and pre-recorded lessons. Instructors also provide different types of lessons at different skill levels, making it possible for beginners to get started quickly while more experienced players can advance their skills.

How long should I take guitar lessons?

It typically takes a year to master a guitar once a person has learned to play it. Some people learn more quickly than this, while others take longer. However, it is essential to practice daily to develop skills as a guitarist.

Will learning guitar online help me become a professional musician?

Learning guitar online can be beneficial if it is supplemented with regular personal instruction from a qualified instructor. It is important to remember that becoming a professional musician takes years of dedication and practice.


There are many different ways to learn guitar, and one of the most popular methods is taking guitar lessons online. There are many benefits to learning guitar in this way, including the ability to learn at your own pace, the ability to review past lessons, and the ability to take advantage of live lessons.

The best place to learn guitar online is on JamPlay, where instructors offer a variety of live and pre-recorded lessons. It is essential to be prepared for each lesson by practicing the material that will be covered. Additionally, it is essential to have a good internet connection and a quiet place free from distractions to learning effectively.

Finally, it typically takes a year to master a guitar once a person has learned to play it. Learning guitar online can be beneficial if it is supplemented with regular personal instruction from a qualified instructor.

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