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Dr.Reefer! was formed by Kenneth Leonard Kirk (vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, audio tech, producer) & his ex Amy (vocalist). Featured are vocals by the foremost expert on medical marijuana in the world, Dr. Lester Grinspoon of Harvard Medical School & Professor Alan Young of Osgood Hall Law School, the lawyer who beat the Canadian pot paraphernalia laws & got Canadian courts to allow the use of medical marijuana. Ken wrote all the music & lyrics on the album while in incarceration for medical pot in 1998-1999 except "Let's Stand Up For Our Rights" which Amy wrote the lyrics for & the words of Dr. Grinspoon & Prof. Young which are their own. Ken is an epileptic medical pot patient & Leader of the Alberta Marijuana Party. He became serious about the pro-marijuana activism because his illnesses are controlled far better by pot with far fewer negative side effects than the numerous pharmaceuticals he's been prescribed.
Ken Kirk Productions
- Ken has mixed sound at over 300 live music events. Ken managed three alternative music venues (the Ambassador Tavern '85-'90, the Eco-City Multipurpose Rumpus Room '93-'94, and Apocalypso '95-'96). The bands Ken worked with were mainly local & Canadian college rock & alternative bands. Amoung the better known ones were Pursuit of Happiness, 54-40, SNFU, DOA, Grim Skunk, Donovan, John Cale, Luba, Green Day, and Nirvana. However at the time Ken booked a lot of these bands they had either not risen to the heights of success yet or had passed it. While at the Eco-City Multipurpose Rumpus Room Ken worked for Tooker Gomberg and Angela Bischoff (the late Edmonton City Counsellor and his widow, both renowned environmental activists) doing fundraising, event and rally promotion and environmental activism. Ken has produced and hung over half a million posters for the over 500 alternative music shows, pot rallies and political events Ken organized and promoted the over the last couple of decades or more. He has experience in a/v and TV production. Ken learned TV production volunteering for Red Deer community cable where he produced several series and specials and working at RDTV where Ken briefly edited news. At Shaw Red Deer Channel Three Ken produced, directed and edited a live music entertainment television series featuring entertainers that were from Red Deer or touring through town. My proudest achievement in that series was when Ken shot a show featuring the multiple #1 gold record 50's Rock & Roll sensation "The Platters". Ken know how to construct a sound bite and give the TV editors what they want. Ken produced a 40 band, 3 day local alternative music festival in '94, '95 & '96 called the "Band-O-Rama Gig-A-Thon" that had a peak one-day attendance of 8000 in 1995.
Alberta Marijuana Party
- Ken ran as the Marijuana Party candidate in Edmonton Strathcona in 2000 & got 814 votes (2%). He learned a method to beat pot laws one case at a time & beat the last pot charges against him. He's taught many that method & dozens used it to beat pot charges too. In 2001 his GP & neurologist helped Ken get an "Exemption From Prosecution" from Heath Canada to possess & grow pot for epilepsy control. Ken had a pot paraphernalia store across the street from the Alberta Provincial Courthouse for two years in 2001-2002 that doubled as the Alberta Marijuana Party Headquarters. He helped turn the annual April 20th (420) rally at the Alberta Legislature into an event that attracts about 10,000 people per year. In 2004 Ken attempted to get the nomination in Edmonton East as the NDP candidate & lost by a mere 24 votes.
Dr Reefer!
- Ken wrote most of the lyrics for Love Songs From Drug Prison in 1998-1999 while incarcerated for pot. After released he produced, recorded, engineered, manufactured & distributed 2500 physical copies of the CD. In March of 2000 a packed Dr. Reefer CD release gig sold-out "the Rev", a medium size concert venue in Edmonton (now called "the Starlight Room). Unfortunately Ken & Amy had a stillborn baby the same week as the CD release & broke up as a couple afterwards. Amy left the band & the project remained dormant for emotional reasons for several years. But on Feb. 18th 2011 Ken re-released “Love Songs from Drug Prison” again electronically for the first time by uploading it on the net to sites like Reverbnation & others. On March 29th 2011 Dr. Reefer first appeared on the Reverbnation Alt. Charts (RAC) for acts from Edmonton Alberta Canada at #218. By April 19th 2011 Dr. Reefer rose to #5 on the the RAC for Edmonton acts & was also #1 in the world for a day on Reverbnation's Global Alt. “What's Hot” chart. The next day at the 4:20 rally at the Alberta Legislative Grounds in Edmonton we had an attendance of 10,000 pot heads & Ken had the opportunity to re-introduce Dr. Reefer to the crowd onstage & announce successfully obtaining his first #1 on the charts the day before. Ken was cheered like a rock star by the assembled pot community & it was freaking awesome. May 22nd 2011 Dr. Reefer was #1 in the world for a day for a second time on Revebnation's Global Alt. “What's Hot” chart. By August 2011 Dr. Reefer rose to #1 on the the RAC for Edmonton acts & remained at that position for over 3.5 years. Dr. Reefer peaked on those charts at #1 in Edmonton in all genres, #1 in Canada in Alt, #2 globally in Alt & #178 globally in all genres. Today (Sept 28, 2016) Dr. Reefer is #3 in Edmonton in Alt, #33 in Edmonton in all genres, #22 in Canada in Alt, #68 globally in Alt, #1,765 globally in all genres & is climbing the charts again. All together on all sites Dr. Reefer songs have been listened to or downloaded over two million times. Ken is currently writing new songs for a second album.


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