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"THE HITMAN" "Taking his family name from mafia to music, one "hit" at a time!"


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***"That's dope(Final Exit)!" Master P.***"I liked your song, HERO." Clive Davis***"You're very talented" Burt Bacharach***"Now, that song's gonna' get some attention(Jamie's Insane)!" Peggi Blu/American Idol voice coach***"Would love to do that song...awesome(Streets Of Heaven)!" Ronee Martin/America's Got Talent star(2017/ Back up singer for Patti Labelle, Wynton Marsalis.***"Yes, you've got a hit, here(Outlaws Death)!" Bob Hinkle/Producer of Kenny Rogers-"The Gambler" and the J Geils Band***"That's real cool. I like it(American Dream)!" Young MC

*Grammy-winning producer, Ted Perlman, listed "HERO" at number 7 on a list of 32 songs he was honored to work on that included such artists as Bob Dylan, Burt Bacharach, Phil Everly, and Ron Isley! He also wrote: "Chris is one of the most exciting new songwriters to come along in years! I've worked with many of the top writers in the music business as a producer, arranger, and songwriting collaborator. Chris is up there with the best of them! I feel the songs I've been privileged to work on with Chris are some of my best work. "A GREAT NEW SONGWRITER HAS ARRIVED!"


Chris "The Hitman" Santangelo, is an accomplished songwriter(, with multiple songs in movies and has worked with Grammy-winning producers and has been recognized by music industry icons, for his writing talents, including, five-time Grammy Award winning music mogul, Clive Davis, Burt Bacharach, Bob Hinkle, producer of Kenny Rogers, "The Gambler", as well as American Idol voice coach, Peggi Blu, Grammy-winning music producer, Ted Perlman and J.D. Miller, two-time Grammy-winning music producer and writer of the "Nationwide is on your side" jingle. His songs include back up singers from Michael Jackson, Elton John, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, TLC and many more! His Aunt Lynn's ex-husband was Art Kass, founder of Buddha Records/Gladys Knight & the Pips/ Isley Brothers/ Bill Withers/Chic and many more and was with him during Buddha's successful reign and major impact on the music industry! Her ex-boyfriend was Franke Previte(Frankie and The Knockouts), who wrote the hit song "Time Of My Life" for the hit movie, "Dirty Dancing" and who she was instrumental in launching his career! Chris' gift of story telling, doesn't stop with his songs. He also has a book in the process of being published and currently working with a Hollywood producer on a screenplay of that story, "Final Exit." 2018, started off with a "bang" as "The Hitman" joined forces with Andrew-Drew Knibbs, president of GI Records, an affiliate of Master P's label, No Limit Forever East, to handle the careers of himself and actress, model and recording artist, Dianara(, as they spread their talents across the globe!

The "Hitman" fits Chris in more ways than one, being the cousin of Vinny "The Chin" Gigante, Godfather for over 24 years of the Genovese crime family, the biggest crime organization in U.S. history! It is thought that the hit show, "The Sapranos" was loosely based off the Genovese family. Chris' father, Joey, his first cousin, Vinny and Vito Genovese, were amongst the over 100 mafios that attended the historic Apalachin meeting, in upstate New York, which was later raided by the FBI and was credited for helping to confirm the existence of the American Mafia not only to the public but to the President, himself! Although more than 60 underworld bosses were retained and indicted, following the raid, the "Santangelo" and "Gigante" names were never given up! (Chin: The Life and Crimes of Mafia Boss Vincent Gigante/The Godfather's Daughter)

Chris can recall, as a child, meeting Ferdinand Demara, better known as "The Great Imposter" ("Catch Me If You Can", starring, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks)and in later years, one of the last known to see Jimmy Hoffa alive, before he "disappeared" and how he was told to shut down his establishment early that evening and how several men arrived with Mr. Hoffa, before he left and if four men came in but only three came out, perhaps, that's where Jimmy Hoffa was murdered and buried! From his family under protection by the Black Panthers, to signed letters from the Kennedy's, including one to his grandmother from President John F. Kennedy, Chris' families history brings a unique and intriguing element to "the business" and with an impressive multiple-genre catalog of over 100 songs and counting, Chris plans on taking his family name from "mafia to music", one "hit" at a time!


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