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Review in Electronic Mangazine VelvetStorm 10/4/13

added on April 18, Thursday

Review of "Girl in the Cab" and "I Ride the Wind" - the magazine covers Europe and is also written in German an area I am getting more following from via Soundcloud users.

Highlighted in website

added on March 11, Monday

Highlighted in Push Power Promotion site 10/3/13.

Music getting Airplay on Crunch Radio on 17/2/13

added on February 16, Saturday

Listen to Crunch Radio with great mix of music New and Old. Gideon Blue will be featured on the New Blood Programme on Sunday at 5.30 pm ( New York)  /  10.30 pm (UK) where Sandman will be played. Told on the QT that another song will be played on Thursday show at 9pm (New York) / 2 am (UK)


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Merry Christmas to everyone :)

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My Bio

Hello and welcome to the site. Music is based on indie routes but generally has upbeat feel, no matter the content, with good chorus on 3/4 minute pop format.  

Over last 5 or so years have been recording songs in home, which was good and enjoyable, but had to to try and open the Horizons. Therefore went into studio in late 2011 and recorded two songs and recorded a Video for Girl in the Cab - love the whole process and listening to others' ideas - some you like, some you don't.

Have always made up my own little tunes since I was 5 and enjoy listening to new music and sounds. Feedback from other fellow artists and producers is that the songs are well constructed and flow well. Hence well placed to provide music for other artists, film producers etc as don't over complicate themes.

Influences include Bauhaus for original Goth/Arthouse Rock, Doves - experimental Indie Pop, Bluetones - melodic, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, T-Rex and most recently Two Door Cinema Club with their lead guitar which is more poppy but catchy.

Having recently worked in Corporate environment and my ambition now is to spend more time on music. Today success is from following, syncing music for TV/Film and maybe record or publishing deal, Also looking at starting a band and/or keen to work with other people.

Feedback on voice has been positive from fellow artists with it having a range of styles and pitch. This resulted in Collaboration with TeleFunken ( where over the Net we put together Sandman and just recently completed a new song called ‘I ride in the Wind” - adding vocals and added production overview by filling out the song with additional guitars and effects.

Songs have been mainly guitar based but looking at a few projects that will integrate some more melodic tunes to heighten the vocal mixes. New song “Star” in nearing completion which is a positive song and has a change in lead guitar more in line with bands like Two Door Cinema Club.


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