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Success Stories

Is It Crazy To Chase Your Music Dreams?
Ever wonder who gets selected for opportunities from


2 Biggest Promotion Budget Mistakes
Consumers Are Starving For Your Music
Getting a record deal
How To Send The Perfect Demo
6 Music Industry Myths
Creating the Perfect Set List
Loving what I used to hate
Cliches You Need to Stop Using Now
Why You Might Need a Producer
10 Worst Song Demo Mistakes
Why Vocal Training is Important in Becoming a True Artist
The A&R Guy
It's Not The Tools That Don't Work, it's The Band
Artists Should Build Lifelong Relationships with their Fans
7 Tips to Increase Your Exposure and Potential
8 Steps to Your First Song: From Idea to Professional Production
Letting Go of Perfection
Unbundling the Album: A Business Case for Releasing Single Songs
From Riches to Rags
What Are The Best Books on Music Promotion and The Music Business?
So…the CD is dead? The trick is to Diversify.
If I Never Made a Dime
What Are Your Fans Saying About You?
How To Change Key Successfully In Your Music
What Are The Essential Features Of a Hit Record?
The Importance of Being a Frontman
How to Do a Great Cover Song
What's The Real Cost of Signing A Major Record Deal?
Want a record deal? Here is what you need to do.
Inside the Mind of an A&R
What Record Labels Are Looking For When Scouting Artists
Finding The Best Record Label For Your Style Of Music & Goals
Defining Your Style
The Truth About Mainstream Success
How Releasing Holiday Covers Can Skyrocket Your Promotion
Why Streaming Your Music Is A Good Thing
Being a Well Rounded Musician VS Mastering One Instrument
3 Tips For Landing A Record Deal
How Youtube Can Get You Seen, Heard, and Trended
Why You Should Care About Your Image
3 Simple Tips for Getting Noticed In Today's Music Industry

Career Advice

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing Your Demo
Everything You Need to Know About Branding
How to Sell More Music as an Unsigned Artist
Musicians, the gig economy, and online learning... a happy (but dysfunctional) family.
If You Want to be a Recording Artist You Need the Right Development
15 Things You Must Do to Make it in the Music Industry
Saying no to everything else
Managing Expectations
Consistency Equals Success
How To Get Better: Practice
Separate The Emotion From The Event
Turn it down a few notches, please!
Are You Taking Ownership Of Your Songwriting Success?
The Shawshank Songwriter
Show Me Your Songwriting Friends, And I'll Show You Your Future
Getting out of a bad place
Taking your Music From a Hobby to a Career
How to change or build your career
4 important qualities of a band manager
Touring Advantages/Disadvantages From Less Than Jake
What musicians can learn from Joan Rivers
What you can learn from Bob Dylan's Career
Yes You're Talented, But Remember This…
Two Things That You Can Do to Start Making Music Industry Contacts Today
Promoting Music Internationally – The Right Way
How to Sell More Merchandise at Your Show
How To Reach The Best Music Business Contacts. Period.
4 Ways To Be A Boss A$$ Indie Artist
Are you over looking this strategy to becoming a better musician
Why You Should Be Doing House Shows
It's All of Your Business
Don't Buy Your Own Tunes
What If You Didn't Need Money or Attention?
Why Bands Need to Stop Bitching
What's In Your Toolbox?
Why You Need a Live Music Producer (And Don't Even Know It)
Many Eggs, Many Baskets: How to Make a Living as a Musician in 2014
Your Music is Just a Hobby. So What? Part 1 of TBD
Defining Success And How To Achieve It With A Career In Music
Why Talent Isn't Enough
Why You Need Your Own Superhero Alter-Ego
How To Make It In The Music Industry
What If The Label Says "YES"?
How to Avoid Artistically Starving to Death
20 Worst Indie Artist Mistakes
Why Your Most Important Tool In Being A Successful Indie Musician Might Actually Be Your Day Job
The Importance of Branding as Recording Artists
Why Bad Days Can Do You A World Of Good
How To Tell If You Need Singing Lessons
How To Ruin Your Music Career In 10 Easy Steps – Part 2 (Steps 6-10)
How to Stay Motivated to Make Music
The Self-Promotion Tactic that Fails Every Time
3 Important Lessons In Success From Bob Dylan
Sell 1000 CD's In a Weekend
Music Licensing – 90 Day Challenge
Superfans: The Key to a Sustainable Music Career
A Solution To The DIY Artists Biggest Challenge
How To Ruin Your Music Career In 10 Easy Steps – Part 1 (Steps 1-5)
What to Look For In A Distributor
Does 99% of Jazz Suck? – The Jazz Kickstarter That Seduced 870 Backers
Are You Making These 9 Band Rehearsal Mistakes?
Enhancing Your Music Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Press Kits for Musicians
7 Important Aspects to Getting Noticed in the Music World
7 Tactics to Double the Size of Your Fanbase
Why The Vocals On Your Track Are Vitally Important And How You Can Improve Them
Top 3 Tips To Find The Right Singing Teacher
Some Will Always Say You're Wrong
That Time'n Thang
Leap Of Faith
Question & Doubt
Eat Lighting
Connecting With People In The Industry
Five Reasons You're Not Licensing More Music
The Importance Of Following Up In The Music Licensing Business
How To Fund Your Band's Kickstarter When You Have No Fan Base
Human Intervention as a Competitive Advantage
A Quick & Dirty Guide to Branding
Why it Pays to Replace Self-Promotion with Selflessness
Rules for Confronting a Difficult Band Member
Valuable To Others, or Only You?
It's All Who You Know?
Ignore Your Website & Social Networks and Your Career Will Suffer
Three Intelligent Ways to Make a Living as a Musician
What Musicians Should Carry at all Times
Sometimes Big Promo Doesn't Work
Avoid Band Drama: Be Up Front
How To Effectively Handle A Flaky Band Member
Why No One Is Listening To Your Music
Establish Your Blueprint
How To Avoid Serious Mistakes When Choosing An Agent
Managing The Fear of The Unknown In The Music Industry
How To Balance A Family, Your Music Career, And Your Stresses
MusicPreneur - The New Music Industry Mindset
Band Leading 202 - Gigs
How Does An Independent Artist Stay Relevant While Creating New Music?
What It Takes To Be A Successful DIY Independent Artist
Band Leading 101 - Rehearsal
How To Make Lots Of Money Selling Your Merchandise
Why You Need Great Pictures As An Artist
Overnight Success - Does That Happen?
The Power of Positive Thinking
Goal Setting Tips That Work
Easy Tips For Engaging Your Fans
Getting Things Done As A Team
4 Common Newsletter Mistakes You Should Avoid
Creating Your Social Media Image
Effectively Utilize Your Youtube Music Videos
Tips For Building A Bigger Fanbase
How To Build A Professional Music Team
The Top 5 Ways To Get Noticed in Today's Music Industry
Why Radio Spins Matter And Tips On How To Get Them
Networking Essentials For The Music Business
Why You Should Be On Pinterest


How to Compose and Deliver an Effective Score to Your Director
The Subtle Art of Dinner Music
My 5 Rookie Mistakes As A Media Composer
Eight Ways To Compose Music More Effectively

Copyrights/ Royalties

The Changing World of Music Royalties
What are Neighboring Rights?
What Are Mechanical Royalties?
What Kinds of Royalties Are Involved in Music Publishing?
How Music Royalties and Performing Rights Organizations Work


Submit your music to Pandora for FREE
How To Sell Your Music Online - Sell More In 3 Steps

Film & TV

Hashtag Hustle: How to Leverage Social Media to Maximize Sync Potential
How To Prepare Yourself For Licensing Music: Every Step Listed Is Vital
How To Become A Sound Designer: 3 Ways You Can Accomplish This Goal & How I Learned
The Business Of Sound Design: How To Make Money
What To Expect After You Pitch To Film and Video Game Companies
How-to cash in on music licensing
Here's Why Your Label Isn't Getting More Syncs
Music Licensing Update: Placement Round Up (Success)
The Music Supervisor
What Make Music "Licensable"
5 Steps to Prepare For Licensing Your Music
Ask These 9 Questions To Ensure A Great Music Licensing Partnership
Establishing Rapport With Music Licensing Professional
Six Ways To Get Your Music On TV
3 Key Tips For Getting Your Music In A Commercial
4 Songwriting Tips For SCORING Film and TV Placements
Top 10 Tips For Composers Entering The World of Music For TV
5 Unwritten Rules For Composing a TV Commercial, Ident or Title Sequence
The Huge Benefits of Licensing Your Music

Future of the Industry

The Music Industry's Great Lie
How to Advance Your Music Career in a Digital Age
How to Advance Your Music Career in a Digital Age
6 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time for Musicians
Danger & Opportunity
The Songwriter Future
Let's Get Engaged (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Book)
Open Letter to Venues
How to capitalize off of social media and create a comprehensive portfolio
Do Musicians Really Benefit From Digital Music Streaming Services?
Technology Didn't Kill The Music Industry. The Fans Did..
Making It In Today's Music World
Why You Need A Clear Brand For Your Music
How to Make Money off Youtube
How Musicians Make Money
What Is A Musician Entrepreneur (And why do I need to know)?
No Rules In This Game
Romancing The Stone
Gatekeepers Begone
Seeking Inspiration?
Top 10 Reasons Why the Music Industry is Failing
Your Band Can Raise $20,000 On Kickstarter with These Two Easy Steps
Five Tips for Promoting Your Band's Mobile App
The One Word Answer To All The Problems In The New Music Industry
The Future of Mobile Music Revenue
Music Crowdfunding Predictions for 2013
75 Musicians Share Their Perspectives on the Best Things About Being a Musician
How Spotify Has Become a Game Changer
Even Music Celebrities Go Bankrupt
The Beginners Guide To Independent Music

Hot Topics in the Industry

Ancient Toltec Wisdom For the Modern Day Musician
The Value of Keyword Research for Artists
The Lazy Way To Sell Your Music Online
Is Music Business Automation The Next Step?
I Prefer The Foolish
Easy Tips For Getting Retweeted
Twitter -vs- Facebook - What's a better site for musicians?
Why You Need To Teach Music Lessons
Pragmatic Epiphanies
Implied Power
Artistic Terrorists
Top 15 most popular musicians on social media
How to Determine Artist Advances
The Trend
What is a 360 Deal?
The Essence Of Viral Stories
What Needs Does your Music Fill?
Was This Musician's Plan Ethical?
Significance of Branding as Recording Artists
You Learn To Be An Artist
How Artists Can Unlock Their Creative Potential
Do You REALLY Need a Record Deal?
Importance of Branding as Record Artists
What Every Musician Ought To Know About Publishing
Arrogance, Is It Crippling The Growth Of Indie Artists?
Hip Hop: Who are the highest earners & record holders?
5 Strategies That Guarantee Success
Fan Engagement for Independent Artists
How Creating a Set List is Exactly Like Creating a Mix Tape for Your Girlfriend
Using Your Fans to Get More Photos and Videos During Concerts
The Benefits of Crowdsourcing Your Music Production
To Self Publish Or Not Self Publish.... That Is The Question
How Are Musicians Using the iPad?
Spotiwhy? : Are Subscription Music Services a Sustainable Business Model?
Is "Singer-Songwriter" a Genre?
7 Social Media Mistakes Musicians Should Avoid
The Science Behind Why People Share Music
Which Music Discovery Platform Has the Biggest Audience?
10 Essential Apps for the Touring Band
Can You Master the Guitar in 10 Days? Why Does Anyone Think You Can Master Facebook in 10 Days?
An Argument Against "Pay What You Want" Pricing
YouTube's Dirty Little Secret
Psy Makes $8 Million By Giving It Away
Crowdfunding: Things That Will Piss People Off
Should You Give Your Music Away For Free? Thank You Amanda Palmer.
Amanda Palmer's Mistake (and Why it Will Hurt Working Class Musicians)
Digital Sheet Music: The Times Are A' Changin
How To Skyrocket Your Twitter Promotion
Tips For Finding New Fans On Facebook
The Digital Music Battlefield
Music Licensing In The Digital Age
Will Music Streaming Services Save The Recording Industry
Why You Should Be Using Kickstarter


Harnessing the power of Twitter
Two Radio Submission Pet-Peeves (Mistakes Indie Artists Make)
The Tour Manager
4 Things You Should Be Aware Of Before Signing With A Music Manager


Social Media Basics: Hashtags for Artists
Merch Makes The Difference
How To Build Your Fanbase And Find Music Placement Opportunities Using Video
Vlogging For Musicians: How To Create A Simple Video Song Using A DSLR Camera (Or Any Camera You Have)
How to Promote & Utilize Your Band or Artist Page on Twitter
How to Create Your First Cover Band Marketing Plan
How to Increase the Reach of Your Music
8 tips for attracting fans on Twitter
Optimizing your Twitter page for maximum results
Linking with Linkedin: 6 Ways to Gain Influence for Your Music
20 Biggest Marketing Mistakes
6 Definitions You MUST have for your Music's Brand
The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing & Newsletters for Musicians & Bands
How to Generate 1,000 New, Targeted Followers Every Month
5 Twitter Marketing Strategies
The Bribe to Subscribe: Bands & E-mails
Three Common PR Mistakes Bands Must Avoid
Two Twitter Pet-Peeves (Mistakes Independent Artists Make)
The Six Deadly Social Media Sins Artists Commit And How To Avoid Them!
So You Finished Your Recording Project…Now What?
How to Get Your Music in Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, & More
Music Marketing Principles: Communicate Values, Promote Exclusivity
How To Get Featured On Blogs
A Simple Email Marketing Guide for Musicians
The Most Dangerous Way You Market Your Music Online – And How to Avoid It
One KILLER Marketing Strategy EVERY Musician Can/SHOULD Do!
The Musicians Guide To YouTube Marketing: How To Build an Audience Through YouTube Video Promotion
How to Avoid Music Marketing Overload
Album Launch Publicity Gimmicks of Famous Artists
Rules for Running a Contest on a Facebook Page and Facebook Apps You Can Use to Run a Contest
Top 7 Pinterest Tools to Market Your Music
Take this Marketing Idea – The Buy One, Give One Album
Tips For Promoting Your Next Show
How to Get your Music on Local Radio Stations
10 Ways to Trade a Song for an Email Address
3 Twitter Hashtag Secrets
10 Ideas to Promote a Show in a Different City
5 Ways to Get Media Attention Using Twitter
Making A Band Logo - Everything You Need To Know
How To Utilize Your Social Media Networks
The Essence Of Branding Your Band
The Rise Of Social Media For Musicians
Easy Tips For Getting Retweeted
How To Get Your Music Played At Sporting Events

Music Business

What is Inspiration?
Preparing for the practice room
Create a Music Busines Filing Cabinet
Forgotten revenue streams for Musicians & Labels
Behind The Barricade, The Best Advertisements Are The Ones That Walk Around
The time I did a winter tour with almost no local support and no guarantees
The Important Truth About Succeeding In the Music Business
A Guide to Clearing Music Samples
How To Get Your Music Published

Music Related Businesses

What I Learned From Attending My First Music Conference
How To Set Up A Music Teaching Business
5 Ways To Promote Your Music Teaching Business
Avoiding Radio Interview Pitfalls
How To Get Your Spotify Artists Profile Verified
A Systematic Approach To Booking
The Art of Networking in the Music Industry
What To Do In The Holiday Season If You're A Record Label or Artist
The times I booked a tour when what I really wanted was to book a vacation
How to Mean Business in the Music Industry
The Importance Of Following Up In The Music Industry
How to Choose a College Music Program
What It Means To Be A Modern Content Creator
The Definitive Guide To Content Marketing Strategy For Creators
How To Build A Good Looking And Working Musician's Website
Basic Merch Marketing Strategies for Indie Musicians
10 Must-Bring Merch for Your Band Tour
The New Chocolate Covered Almond?


How To Improve At Speaking Between Songs
Post-Show Procedures: 8 Things Every Band Should Do After the Performance
Musicians: Learn How to Soundcheck
How to start getting gigs?
Why Your Acoustic Show Doesn't Have To Suck
The Upsides & Downsides Of Playing Live
Tips For Gigging Musicians: Avoid Making These Common Mistakes
Overcoming Stage Fright
O Say Can You Sing
How to Prevent Vocal Cord Damage
5 Steps To Improving Your Singing For Gigs
How To Structure A Good Singing Practice Session
Snip! Why Editing your Songwriting is Essential
Do's & Don'ts When Performing Your Own Songs
Simple and Solid Tips to Improve Your Sound During a Live Performance
How to Sound, Practice, and Perform Better
The Why and How of Busking
Live Performance Musicians: 5 Rules of the Stage
Should Your Band Charge for Gigs?
Your First Show Bombed – Now What?
Before Booking: Know the Venue
13 Dos and Don'ts Of Performing At Open Mics
Warm-Up & Practice Exercises For Guitar Players
Easy Tips To Improve Your Live Performances
Music Touring 101
A Huge List of Music Festivals
What You'll Need To Start A Tour


Street Teams Level the Playing Field
The One-Sheet & Why You Need One

Production/ Recording

Recording At Home: Taking A Song From Demo To #1
5 Tips to Top The Mix
Best Setup For The Traveling Producer
Choosing a Computer for Audio Editing and Recording
Pre-production for the recording studio
The Most Important "Mix" according to Top Audio Engineers.
Setting Up a Home Studio (Part 2)
Setting Up a Home Studio
Home Studio Basics - You Can Do It [Part 1]
A New Price Plan for Recording Studios?
5 Things You Must Know to Cut a Killer Track
Top 5 Technical Terms You Need In A Studio
Bringing an old tune back from the old DAW grave...
A Mastering Engineer's Guide to Final Mixdown
A Recording Session Checklist
Recording Vocals Professionally in a Home Studio
How To Optimize Your Digital Audio Workstation Computer for Your Home Studio
10 Tips To Improve Your Recordings
Digital Audio Workstations


The 9-Minute Songwriter Workout
Top 5 Reasons Songwriters Procrastinate – And How To Fix Them
Inspiration Is The Quarterback, The Songwriter Is The Receiver
6 Resources That Helped Me Become A Hit Songwriter (And None Of Them Is A Guitar)
How to Craft Your Music's Story?
When Inspiration Has Left The Building…how to cure songwriter's block
In Pursuit of…Swagger
Are You A Competitive Songwriter?
Could you write a song a week for an entire year? She did!
Knowing The Rules
9 Secrets to Writing a Great Chorus
Call Me Maybe When You Write a Bridge
The Death of the Bridge
Three Questions Every Songwriter Must Be Able To Answer
10 Tips for Better Lyric Writing

Other Topics

Too Late For A Woman?
Feeling overwhelmed? How to take charge of your To Do List
You're Worth It
Do You Believe?
Rejoicing In Our Fortunes-Appreciation Training for Musicians (and others!)
"It's Just a Number"-The Age of Total Acceptance
The Power of Positive Thinking
I love being wrong
Sycophant Syndrome- Handling the Handlers
The Power Of Asking
10 Reasons Not To Give Up
5 Things Artists Can Learn From Erykah Badu Ava Bella
Slaying Stage Fright in my Pursuit of Happiness
Are Dairy Products Screwing Up Your Singing Voice?
The Meaning of Life
Change careers like Tarzan
The Hidden Dangers of the Sound of Music
Sound Check, Tools of the Trade
How will this game end?
Same word. Different places? Different meanings.
Jac Holzman - A Guest Post by Derek Sivers
Why am I here?
Why was this secret?
Tips for Creating Your Own Music Video
Belt Out a Song For Better Health
Musicians Earn Superfans Through Authenticity and Generosity
3 Simple and Free Website Design Resources for Musicians
5 Tips For Getting Featured On Beatport
Fragile Plan vs Robust Plan
Technical Hitches And Things To Avoid As A Singer-Songwriter
A New Model for Music, Music in the Liberal Arts
A Petty Reminder
3 Steps To Avoiding The Mid-campaign Slump In Your Band's Kickstarter
3 Unexpected Things That Happen After Your Band's Kickstarter Succeeds
3 Surprising Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Crowdfunding Campaign (It's Not What You Think)
Treat Me Like I'm Five
Lessons From an Ice Cream Scooper
Smart People Don't Think Others Are Stupid
You Don't Have To Be Local
Focus, Entertain, or Both?
The Female Disadvantage(?)
Spending Money on Your Band's Marketing & Promo
Guidelines for Musicians Traveling Overseas
A Simple Method for Memorizing Lyrics
3 Lessons I Learned About the Music Business From Sports
Service And The Power Of Positivity
The Easiest Way To Figure Out Your Favorite Bass Licks
Become A Student Of Your Craft. Learn Music Theory
Routine Techniques That Kick-Ass
Gain New Fans By Releasing Popular Holiday Covers
How To Tour Locally
Tips For Having The Best Music Festival Experience