Get International Licensing to Commercials/Film Trailers/ TV Programs/ Documentaries

Mar 14, 2018
Deadline December 31, 2019
Category: Music Licensing
Type: Music Licensing
Genres: All Genres Accepted
Summary: Rbellion is a music licensing company that showcases music from across the world, giving artists from all four corners of the globe an equal opportunity to profile their music and get their music licensed for commercial purposes.
Details: From Angola to Argentina to the UK; musicians from across the globe have a platform to license their music to international brands and production companies for their music's use in TV commercials, TV programs, film trailers, documentaries and etc.

Their rapidly expanding music library features both established and up-and-coming artists and offers a diverse range of sub-genres, influences and styles.

The Rbellion team are an entrepreneurial bunch, who have a passion for music that is bolstered by experience gained at some of the biggest names in the industry including MTV, VH1 and Universal Records.
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