Music and food themed blog is seeking various types of bands/artists to feature and interview

Jun 05, 2017
Deadline July 05, 2017
Category: Blogs - Magazines
Type: Blogs
Genres: All Genres Accepted
Summary: Write.Click.Cook.Listen is currently accepting submissions from Music Clout users of all genres to feature on their site.

Write.Click.Cook.Listen is a music blog with a cooking problem or vice versa. They provide great music for social gatherings involving delicious food.

They are currently accepting submissions in all genres from Music Clout users for consideration.

Selected Music Clout artists will be eligible for feature & interview.
Details: Write.Click.Cook.Listen is one of the featured blogs on popular foodie site

Remember those junior high dances? Food and music. Birthday parties? Food and music. Social gatherings? Food and music. Activism opportunities? Food and music.

So it was only natural that Write.Click.Cook.Listen's Tender Branson felt the need to start a blog that combined the two things that are constants in most peoples life.

The original intention of Write.Click.Cook.Listen was to create a recipes and attach music to it. Throughout the years it has expanded to include band submitted recipes, artist interviews, songs about food, food themed playlists and restaurant reviews. No matter which direction the blog goes in, the same two interests remain at the heart of it. Food and music.

Please do not contact Write.Click.Cook.Listen directly regarding this opportunity; submissions must go through to be considered.
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