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Ever wonder who gets selected for opportunities from

Ever wonder who gets selected for opportunities from Music Clout?

Are you wondering who submits to all those opportunities you see on our site every day?

Music Clout user Chrissy is one of those artists who is always getting picked up for the opportunities she submits to.

To quote her, “When an artist has the proper tools in place COUPLED with YOUR AMAZING opportunities, the sky's the limit in terms of what can occur”.

Take a look at the full Music Clout testimonial from indie/unsigned pop, rock, edm recording artist & composer CHRISSY, from Philadelphia, PA:

"Music Clout has provided me with a plethora of endless opportunities, ranging from internet & terrestrial radio play, rotation on popular shows, great interviews, prominent blog and magazine placements, substantial sync and music licensing opps, video games, apps, shows, gigs, travel, and much more!

I implore every artist, whether signed or unsigned, to join Music Clout today!

Many opportunities are free, or a nominal fee, certainly worth your while! You will begin reaping the benefits immediately.

Within my first week of joining, I'd landed 2 magazine interviews and a radio show alone. From there, I was securing opportunities & placements via Music Clout not only monthly, but weekly! Music Clout is the genuine article! The team is sincere, caring, and extremely professional! Their only aim is provide the very best opportunities possible for up and coming artists, as well as established, familiar faces, in a fair fashion where the playing field is level! You won't even get this from a record label these days, frankly.

The services that Music Clout provides are invaluable tools that all musicians, writers, and performers should pro actively engage in! The company is "for real", the success is legitimate, and the sky's the limit in terms of what can be achieved with Music Clout.

I am so grateful to have been able to pair up with them on such unique, fun, and of course professionally and artistically fulfilling opportunities! Don't miss out on Music Clout! Join Music Clout today; you won't be sorry, my friends!" -Your pal in music, Chrissy

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Learn more about Chrissy below;

So, as you know, I'm a multi genre pop, rock/punk/new wave, blues, and EDM singer, songwriter and producer from Philly, PA. I was originally discovered by multi platinum producer, Alex Greggs of South Rakkas Crew when he was working closely with BT, Michael Jackson, DarkChild Rodney Jerkins, & Nsync, and I still work with Alex to this day, but I'm also working with David Guetta's European publishers, AllRight Music ( where I have a songwriting deal with his publisher, Christophe Piot (founder of AllRightMusic and former president of MCA Records Europe). I am currently working on a side project with hot, up and coming producers out of Dusseldorf called Leeyou and Dancey, who just placed EDM tracks with Akon and Jason Derulo, and as always, those tracks will end up going on Music Clout. I am a female singer, songwriter, producer, performer, and arranger, which gives me an edge of sorts.

What's happening NOW:

--I have a new single, which I composed and performed called "ABOUT YOU", it was mixed and mastered by Mr. Bruno Gruel who is David Guetta's mastering engineer in France who (Bruno) was nominated for a Grammy for best dance recording and Grammy winner of Best Non Classical Remixed Recording for David Guetta's song, "When Love Takes Over" with Rihanna. I have a song writing deal with David Guetta's publisher, AllRight Music (Christophe Piot) My song, "About You" is available for sale at the iTunes link here:

---I also have another new single on iTunes that I released the other week, "Me Without You", which is a co write with Celine Dion's Grammy nominated writer, Burton Collins and Grammy winner, Mark Meckel (owner of Roy Orbison's catalogue and Grammy winner for Jo Dee Messina and EmmyLou Harris), the link is here:

--Later this month, I will be a launching a new edm/dance video game entitled "Music Monsters" in conjunction with Music Powered Games Corp, an opportunity I obtained via Music Clout, which will feature my songs, and other music by artists such as Fallout Boy, Lady GaGa, Cher Lloyd, Hunter Hayes, and FLOrida. The game will be available on Facebook along side and similar to Farmville, Candy Crush, etc, as well as an iTunes/iPhone/Apple app, and also Google Play. The game is very addicting, and it exposes its players to new music, artists, with a coin/token collecting option to purchase our songs on iTunes and advance to higher levels within the game.

---I am currently producing an English crossover EDM album and single for Spanish channel's Telemundo and Televisa reality star, Tamara Rodriguez, I will be putting this material on Music Clout as well.

---I am working on new songs for both myself and other artists with a hot, new production team out of Dusseldorf, Germany who recently received placements with Jason Derulo and Akon, and I am currently producing "South African Idol" (same franchise as Canadian and American Idol shows) tv show finalist, Madelyn Liebenburg, a teen edm/r&b pop artist.


More than a triple threat, singer/songwriter, multi instrumentalist, vocal arranger/producer, dancer/choreographer, director, music supervisor/dj, international presenter host, pin up model, actress/comedienne, and life coach, Chrissy, the Philadelphia based granddaughter of an "American Bandstand" dancer, and the niece of an original "Dancin' on Air" cast member, has a lifetime of music entertainment experience, and a great deal to show for it. With her music being produced by the same people who help internationally famous artists shine, being featured in prime time television, and reaching over 2.5 million hits on Clear Channel’s "Discover New Music" site, "I Heart Radio", and being dubbed the "indie pop starlet to watch" by the New York Post – you know this young lady is on her way.

Her music, which she describes as "alternative pop," has drawn the attention of people who would know talent when they hear it. Chrissy was once part of the talent roster of Johnny Wright’s WEG – Wright Entertainment Group, where her fellow artists were Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and the Jonas Bros., to name a few. It was there that she became a protégé of multi platinum and diamond certified superproducer Alex Greggs (who has produced songs for Justin and Janet, Beck, *NSYNC, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Kelis, Beck, Brandy, Duran Duran, Lily Allen, Pussycat Dolls and many others), who produced her songs such as "(Diddy) Do Da" and her cover of The Who’s "Baba O’Riley (Teenage Wasteland)," with other singles in the works. Chrissy is currently working with Christophe Piot, of AllRightMusic in France, who is known for his Grammy Award winning work with David Guetta's catalogue, as well as Grammy winning mastering engineer, Bruno Gruel. She also writes for the hot, German production squad of LeeYou and Danceey, who most recently secured placements with Jason DeRulo and Akon. In addition to this, Chrissy is writing and composing for a myriad of Universal Records signed recording artists.

Chrissy is a semi finalist for the high stakes "Unsigned Only" songwriter competition, and is up for best, unsigned Top 40/Pop act for her collaboration with Australian super star, Vanessa Amorosi, on "My Stupid Boyfriend". Chrissy is also a host and brand ambassador for Kitsy Lane and JewelMint. She is a retro glam, & 50's pin up model for Bombshell Pinup Company as well, and will be featured in upcoming issues of Pin Up America magazine, and UN.Sung magazine. In the fall of 2013, Chrissy officially launched her own boutique and online jewelry and accessory store, called "Above Rubies", and her music is featured in the new Rob Sitbon (creds: Steven Spielberg's Survivors of the Shoa Foundation piece) film, "Forget About It". Chrissy was recently a featured artist on "Punky! Radio" for her hybrid chick rock, new wave, and ska punk sound. She will next be featured at "UN.Radio" for UN.Sung Magazine's music issue, and was recently mentioned in "The New Yorker" magazine, as well having had features in VENTS Magazine, and Pin Up America Magazine.

Chrissy has collaborated with multi platinum producers Dow Brain and Brad Young of Underground Productions (LMFAO, LFO, Aerosmith, Boston, Tracy Bonham, Paula Abdul), as well as her collaborator on "Big", her friend, the late, great Rich Cronin (of LFO and VH1’s "Mission: Man Band"), and next in the works will be a song entitled "Can’t Play a Player," co written by multi platinum song writer and former "American Idol" judge, Ms. Kara DioGuardi. Another one of Chrissy’s cowriters is Taryn Murphy (whose credits include Mariah Carey’s "Wisegurls", and MTV Europe). Other collaborators include "America's Got Talent" finalist, Deanna Dellacciopa (singer on "America's Got Talent" with music featured on MTV, Oxygen, VH1) Sam Conjerti, writer for LFO and co-writer on Chrissy’s songs "My Slushy" and "Danger", and Burton Collins (creds include Celine Dion) In addition to working with the prestigious production team of Alex Greggs and Dennis Shaw of the legendary South Rakkas Crew, she’d previously teamed up with super pop and EDM producer, Ron "Chico" DiCicco (well known for producing remixed dance versions of hits for Kelly Clarkson, Hillary Duff, Katy Perry, Pink, Nelly Furtado, etc.) and her up tempo songs, "Skinny Jeans" and "Step-Off" resulted from that collaboration, including a guest rap from Chico. She also works with the infamous L.A.W., who was Amy Winehouse's backup singer, and with Jonathan Merkel and Danny Osuna of "Beat Chamber", responsible for the music on programs such as USA's "Burn Notice", E!'s Khardashian shows, "Dexter", "Raising Hope", and many, many more. She has worked with Grammy nominated and Grammy award winning song writing and production team of Mark Meckel, Nathan Meckel, and Pamela Reswick (Grammy winners and nominees for Natalie Cole, Emmy Lou Harris, Jo Dee Messina) as well as Australian super star, Ms. Vanessa Amorosi. She also recently teamed up with EDM legend "Jump Chico Slamm", of "Funk That", "Beavis and Butthead", and Crystal Waters fame. Her most recent collaboration is with Christophe Piot of AllRight Music, who is a Grammy Award winning publisher and songwriter for his collaborations with David Guetta. She is currently working on projects with Bruno Gruel (engineer to David Guetta). Chrissy was also fortunate enough to have spent several years working in new media and promotion for Warner Brothers and Reprise Records for a multitude of the alternative rock, punk, and post hardcore acts there such as the legendary, mighty, mighty GlassJAw, Head Automatica, Men Women & Children, and several more, which is an experience she relishes to this day. Chrissy and a group of friends most recently launched an aerial, circus arts, and alternative fitness studio in Central PA, attracting the likes of up and coming aerial artists & choreographers through out the east coast. Chrissy is also busy writing and producing up and coming artists such as the Telemundo tv reality star, Tamara, and "South African Idol" finalist, Madelyn Liebenburg.

A true student of music, Chrissy can cite influences ranging back through six decades, and she prides herself on being savvy about the business end of the industry as well. Her encyclopedic appreciation and knowledge base extends from the music makers to the decision makers, and while with WEG she was tapped as an ambassador to co-host Grammy (NARAS) panel discussions. A whiz at self-promotion, she was one of the earliest artists to discover MySpace and built a rabid fan base there. She brought her songs "Strut" and "Real Woman" to where she was designated "Most Played Unsigned Artist" for several months in a row, with "Strut" reaching upwards of a million and a half spins, and counting. She was the #1 artist on with "I Took Your Boyfriend" and on the IAC Music Big 50 Chart with " Slushy." Chrissy’s songs have received extensive airplay throughout the internet and around the world on terrestrial radio as well. Her music has also been featured on television: "Real Woman" on Fox’s Prison Break, & VH1's "Single Ladies", and "Gonna Be" on both Showtime’s "Masters of Horror" and "Oxygen’s Pop School" as a main soundtrack, the latter using the song as its main theme song, Fox's "Melrose Place", Red Bana's "Dance Audition" video game, Nick at Night/TV Land's "Joan Rivers: How'd Ya Get So Rich?", and many more placements and sync opps. She is also an artist ambassador for "Jewel Mint", Kate Bosworth and her stylist's former jewelry company, where Chrissy was the only unsigned, indie artist ambassador at the time.

With extensive lifelong experience ranging from dozens of professional theatre productions all around the country, tours, merchandizing, branding, promo modeling, cabaret supper club, circus troupe, hooping, poi spinning, aerial pole arts, vaudeville, burlesque, pin up, Cosplay, to television appearances (including "Al Albert's Showcase" and "Popstars"), training in all music genres from classical to musical theater at prestigious institutions as well as a variety of forms of dancing, acting, modeling, circus training, martial arts, and more, Chrissy has the moxie to go far! Chrissy has been profiled in publications such as "The Hollywood Reporter", "New York Post"--who dubbed her the "indie pop starlet to watch", NY Post's "Page Six", NME Magazine, Buzzfeed dot com, Newsy dot com, prestigious Asian radio show--"Good Times With Mo", Socially IT, Punk News, "Pin Up America", The PinUp Doll, OvaGround Mogul, Vents Magazine, and many more!

With her unique beauty, captivating demeanor, and intellect, she’s got the looks, the moves, and the brains, as a life long scholar and student. She often donates her time performing for charity and does volunteer work with at-risk kids in her community, as well work with senior citizens and abandoned, abused animals. She works with the Girl Scouts, YMCA, Community Action Program, Children & Youth, Boys/Girls Club, Rotary, Vegetarian Society, Humane League, and Zumba Fitness, LLC, where she is a licensed instructor/ZIN in Zumba, and all of the Zumba specialities, including the children's and active older adult programs, which are her favorites. She also helps run a children's aquatics program, gives swim lessons, and is part of the Y's aquatics team and department. Chrissy is a "Flirty Girl Fitness" dance aerobics instructor, a graduate of Top Shelf Mixology Flair and Bartending School (although Chrissy herself does not drink, she began mixology training to become a drink architect and "flair tender" when the economy went bust to supplement her schooling), she is also R.A.M.P. trained and licensed, in addition to CPR and AED trained and certified. Additionally, she is a Mona-Vie premium health juice representative and vendor. Her sweet smile and innocent face may mask the complexity of the soul within, but Chrissy is a serious, unwavering music professional and ingenue who knows the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice of her chosen path, and who has the maturity and dedication to face the road ahead.


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