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How to Generate 1,000 New, Targeted Followers Every Month

Twitter 101

How to Generate 1,000 New, Targeted Followers Every Month


Welcome everybody to Twitter 101 this is an introduction to Twitter and the power that Twitter can have as a marketing tool.  If used correctly, an artist like you can generate at least 1,000 brand new targeted followers every single month!  I am Johnny Dwinell from Daredevil Production on Nashville’s famous Music Row.  At Daredevil Production, we make custom records, produce records for multi-platinum and major label artists (Collin Raye and Tim Dugger to name a couple), as well as develop talent artistically and in the marketplace. Twitter plays a huge role in the online marketplace and it's absolutely free, making it quite powerful to any business, but especially musicians.  This book will explain the basics of how to effectively use Twitter to increase your targeted audience, expose your music on a consistent basis to this audience, and drive traffic to your online store where the buying will take place; thus, allowing you to make a living selling your music.  I know so many musicians that suffer through crappy jobs to afford the continued attention they need to their music endeavors.  It’s not that hard to replace $30,000 per year by selling your music.  You just have to do it right.  Twitter marketing is one piece of that puzzle.

Understanding Distribution vs. Marketing

It’s easier now than it ever was before to make a living at music.  Granted it's just a little bit more confusing because you have got to do it yourself, but we're here to show you the steps necessary to becoming an online professional musician. First, it’s important to define the difference between distribution and marketing because this is so commonly mistaken amongst musicians. Sadly, it’s almost guaranteed that during a conversation with just about every Indie artist that we work the topic of marketing will come up.  

I’ll ask, “How are you marketing yourself?”  

Inevitably the musicians respond, “Well, we're on iTunes, we’re on Pandora, we’re on Spotify, and we're on CDBaby, [we're here and we're there]”

I’ll typically respond, “Okay that's great, but that's distribution. How are you marketing yourself?  How exactly are you driving traffic to these stores so people will consume your music?”

If A Tree Falls In The Forest And Nobody Hears It, Did It Happen?

The simple truth is that nobody's going to go to iTunes to find your music if they haven’t ever heard of you.  Nobody is going to Pandora to discover you; they are going to Pandora to find music they have already been exposed to; they’re going to find what they already want.  If a consumer/future fan is not already looking for you, how are they going to find you?  Are you going to rely on the algorithms from Pandora's, “if you are like this you will like that” or Reverbnation’s Rabbit Hole? Because when it comes to most music consumers these “techie-tastemakers” are completely ineffective. They don't work and nobody takes the time to do those exercises except for a very, very small percentage of the population. What bands can you name that BROKE on Pandora, iTunes, or Spotify?  

Essentially distribution is having your product available and easily accessible for purchase once the consumer’s mind has been made up.  Marketing is defined as the influencing of buying decisions or in layman’s terms, making up the consumer’s mind for them.  Radio is a super effective way of influencing buying decisions, but it’s terribly expensive and there are no guarantees that you will get spins.  After all, there are only so many songs the radio DJ can play every hour.  This leaves indie musicians (and any company with limited resources) to master the Long Tail and online marketing world.  There are endless promotion exposure methods that will reach your potential new customers (A.K.A. fans) and ultimately drive them to whatever distributor you prefer to purchase your music.  The good news about sales online is that they are mathematically predictable if the machine is set up correctly.  Once the sales technique and online store is adequately implemented the bottom line boils down to 2 tasks:  

  1. The average revenue generated per email address

  2. Traffic to the site

We want to show you how to market yourself and effectively drive traffic using Twitter.  We will demonstrate the basics of how to build a tribe using Twitter.  This online marketing thing is so powerful that that Daredevil Production is actually in the process of building a record label model around moving music and getting paid to move music online; you can do the same thing. Once again, it’s never been easier to make a living in the music business than it is right now.

If you do what we say here, you will gain at least 1,000 targeted followers a month. This is huge because it's about reaching out and exposing your music to people. Think about it; that is what we currently use radio for, yes?  Twitter offers the same exposure possibilities but definitely in a different manner and definitely less expensive than a radio.

Debunking the Myth

The myth that if you record a great CD your fans will find your music is exactly that; it's a myth. It’s a myth that is being perpetrated by some major label artists from the seventies and the eighties and the many internet music distribution companies who continue to say, “Good music will always find an audience.” That is not just true, those artists are not aware of the millions of dollars that the record label spent to expose that music to people they thought would be inclined to like it and the internet distributors want you to believe this myth that so you will sign up for their service and pay. The artists became famous because their respective record labels did their job, those consumers that the labels chose to market too did like the artist’s music and now those consumers have become fans of that artist and ultimately buy their product. You know the old adage that says “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it? Did it really happen?” It doesn't matter how good your record is if you're not exposing it to people.  If consumers/potential fans aren’t being turned on to it, if they can't hear it then they're not going to buy it because they don't know that it exists; it’s really THAT SIMPLE.  Think about your experience going in to the Best Buy, Target, or Wal-Mart CD sections to purchase music or going online to iTunes, Pandora, or Spotify to consume music. Most of you are going to buy something you are aware of already; you've already been exposed to it. You know what you want and these places are where you’ve chosen to make your purchase; that's called distribution. So online outlets like Spotify, iTunes, CDBaby, and Pandora are distribution centers (even though some of them like to say they help bands get exposure), these are places you go to get the music. However, before anyone will spend money on music they need to be exposed to the music, they need to be indoctrinated, they need to become believers in the artist, they need to feel like their friends like the artist too; this is marketing. Marketing is defined as the ability to influence a buying decision.  If your record is great you are exposing the right people to good music then they're going to want to buy the record; this is marketing.  Where they're going to go to buy it is distribution.

Who's doing the job of exposing the music to the masses?

That’s what this book is about. This is where Twitter comes in.  Twitter is going to be one of several fantastic methods that will allow you to find a targeted audience and connect and develop a relationship with them.  We are going to show you how to do to gain at least 1000 targeted followers a month by spending 15 minutes per day marketing on Twitter.

Targeted Followers

Targeted followers means that if you're a Metal band and you think that “Man, if we could get on tour with Metallica and play in front of Metallica's audience they would love us.” If you think that the audiences for artists like The Script, or Lady Gaga would love your music too, these audiences are more targeted than Metal audiences or Pop audiences would be.  Get it?  A tour gives the opening act the chance to play in front of a targeted audience and make an impression.  During your live show, you (hopefully) make a connection and then sell your CD’s and merchandise, right?  Twitter is a tool that can target your specific audience and afford you the opportunity to make a connection and expose this audience to your music; then you send them to your ‘merch table” which should be your website store.  

So now that you have a better understanding of the difference between marketing and distribution, and you recognize the purpose of Twitter and how it should work, let’s get down to business showing you how to gain 1,000 new, targeted followers every single month!

The link to the free book is


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