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Two Twitter Pet-Peeves (Mistakes Independent Artists Make)

Two Twitter Pet-Peeves (Mistakes Independent Artists Make) 
A guest post by The Dutch Guy

As an independent music promoter, I’m using a lot of social media outlets to discover and talk to artists and bands. But Twitter is, and will probably always be my main channel, I just love it there! It’s short, it’s schweet and simple to use.

Now I’m not gonna bore you with all kinds of handy tips & tweet ratios, one simple Google search will give you plenty of those. However, I am gonna give you two examples of what’s annoying the living doo-doo out of me personally! Mistakes more and more independent musicians seems to be making lately:

Automated Direct Messages (DMs)

When I discover a new artist or band, I always go and check their website, music (videos) and other links. If I like what I hear, I’ll give ‘m a follow. Easy right?

As soon as I’ve hit that follow button, I get hit with an automated DM. Usually not even thanking me for following, but hitting me with every single link they can cram into a single DM. Now wait a minute, didn’t I just visit those?! That’s the reason WHY I started following you, like duh?!

To make things worse, if that automated DM ends with a question like ‘let us know what you think‘, I can’t respond because you’re not following me back! It’s like giving someone a call, asking ‘m a question and hang up before they can answer.

Do yourself a favour, turn those automated DMs off. I’m pretty sure the person who started following you, already checked you out. That’s why they started following you in the first place! And if you gonna DM a question, make sure they are able to respond by following ‘m back.


Oh, I’m sorry, tweeting in all caps. That’s considered YELLING. A lot of artists think it’s a great way to get attention, to get them ‘heard‘ above the virtual crowd.

And I’m not even talking about the fact you’re not following me or introduced yourself to me, like Ross Barber of Electric Kiwi did in his excellent blog post about his Twitter pet-peeves.

What if I would walk up to you and start yelling my website address into your face? You probably be fighting the urge to headbutt me right then and there, right? I got no problem with you emphasizing certain words, but I consider tweeting in all caps all the time, yelling, and therefore rude. And I don’t talk to rude people.

What do you think?

I’ve had several conversations about this in the last few weeks and some think I’m being too picky. But if I find this annoying, you can bet your furry little behind other promoters or to make it even worse, your fans (!!), will too. And the number one action taken, is getting ignored and unfollowed. Lets face it, you probably don’t want THAT, right?!

So what do you think, am I too damn picky or is it really food for thought? Let me know, on Twitter of course: @DutchGuyOnAir

The Dutch Guy is a 20+ year (inter)national radio veteran, who founded his blog to give independent musicians a chance to get discovered by featuring music videos and Q&As at least three times a week. While developing a weekly Youtube show to take his independent music promotion to the next level (launching in 2014), the ‘Pet-Peeves’ articles are based on his personalexperiences within the industry.


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