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What To Do In The Holiday Season If You're A Record Label or Artist

What To Do In The Holiday Season If You’re A Record Label or Artist

A Guest Post by Symphonic Distribution

Well, it’s the holidays again and as usual, it’s a time to reflect, spend happy moments with families, and think about the year that was. I personally consider this to be the music “off season” in which most partners we distribute, iTunes, Beatport, and others have what they call a “Content Freeze”.

This Content Freeze means that for a certain period of time, many distributors around the world are unable to deliver any release with a 2013 release date after a certain time. That means we work diligently with our clients to ensure that they submit any release into us for distribution for us to deliver it by a certain date. The next round of releases would begin once again on 1/2/14 and so on. If you make music and work with us and/or another distribution company, this “time off” before the holidays really kick in can really be put to good use. Here are some “To Do’s” that you can check twice.

1. Review your finances

I hate to already bring this up especially during the holidays but basically when January hits it becomes that oh so annoying time of the year again. TAX SEASON (EVIL MUSIC PLAYS!!!!!). Use your time off from preparing and sending releases to review your + and – report to ensure that you have all of your books up to date and are ready to go forth and file any and all taxes you need to so you aren’t left scrambling come April 2014. If you have outstanding invoices, and/or projects in which you are looking to collect, maybe now is a good time to do some follow ups although it may be a little bit tough to get anyone’s attention.

2. Plan for a big bang in the new year

The new year is right around the corner so do you have a plan in place for how you will start the year? Well get to it! Every year in January we have a company wide meeting in which we re-evaluate everyone’s tasks and see what changes we need to make. Nobody is perfect and any idea also has its imperfections so reviewing what worked and didn’t work is a healthy thing to focus on. If you have releases upcoming, perhaps plan a marketing strategy for each and every one that way you can hit it full steam when the calendar hits 1/1/2014 (that is of course after you’ve woken up from the fun party you may be having the night before).

3. Work on new material

This is truly one of the best times of the year to just experiment and try new projects, collaborations, remixes, and more. With you not having to do so much administrative work, set some time aside and make some music and cheesy as this sounds, get your friends and family involved! It’s the holidays and you never know, someone may surprise you. I also think it’s a good idea to potentially learn something new on the production realm. There are thousands of videos across the various video websites that you can research and learn from. Taking a bit of time to do this may greatly impact your productions in the upcoming new year.

4. Study the market

Since everyone has set their delivery schedule, pay attention to some of your favorite artists or record labels from both mainstream to indie. Really understanding and listening to what is selling and charting as well as what isn’t is a great indicator of where music is going into the new year. You can stick to your primary genre that you enjoy but getting out there and enjoying other music that you may not necessarily support right away is a great way to potentially branch out and work with new individuals.

5. Set aside some $ for the upcoming new year

This one is quite tough as everyone is giving gifts and such but try and set a little bit of change aside for marketing purposes and/or to fund any project that may help your growth in the upcoming year. Facebook ad promotion, paying for remix work and/or any other potential beneficial project for the brand you run.

6. Give back to your fans

It is of course the season of giving! Do a DJ Mix, remix a free song, and/or give out a free song of your catalogue to your fans. Not only will they be gracious but it’s free and easy marketing for individuals to enjoy your music and for them to see how cool you are for actually giving something away for free that you have spent your hard earned money and effort in working on.

7. Enjoy Some R&R

Last but not least, set some time aside to actually enjoy the holidays and the time off. It’s a long year always and use the time to connect with friends, family, and others. From all of us at Symphonic Distribution we hope that whomever is reading enjoys a very happy and safe holiday season!

by Jorge Brea

CEO & Founder of Symphonic Distribution

Symphonic Distribution was launched in the winter of 2006 by a Music Producer from Tampa, Florida. The company was launched with the intention of providing new and established record labels cost effective digital distribution to retailers such as iTunes, Beatport, Rhapsody, Amazon, and more with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Today, the company has paid over 3.5 million in royalties and distributes music for over 6,000 independent labels and artists, worldwide, which include, Spain, India, South Africa, Brazil and Russia, and has expanded services to Mastering, Marketing, Design, Licensing and Publishing Administration. Symphonic’s team of nine passionate individuals pride themselves on quick responses and direct one-on-one conversations and advising with clients, from the basics of managing a Social Network to providing Technical and Audio Support to clients.


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