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Making It In Today's Music World

Making it in Today’s Music World

A Guest Post by Linda Septien of Septien Entertainment

How do you make it in today’s Music World? That’s the number 1 question I get asked daily.  The answer has all sorts of levels to it. What do you mean by make it?  Make money?  Go on tour?  Get on Disney? Get out of the house? Dallas? For starters, just being a musician is making it….you now have a tool that is an entire into many opportunities. As an instrumentalist, you’re usually the life of the party with guitar in hand, the person everyone centers around at a summer camp esp. in the woods, the peep everyone wants at a family get together, and at the very least you have a hobby that combines math, rhythm, frequencies, timing, entertainment, social ability (able to jump tall stares in a single bound ) Music can be a course in how to win friends and influence people and get lots of fans while you’re at it. AND you NEED fans in ANY endeavor you choose.  

I have met everyone from top actors to 6 presidents, ambassadors of countries to Mohammed Ali (I remember when he said Remington was a “pretty boy”), ...been to 5 of our continents singing along the way from down the Nile River to a 17 hour train ride from Moscow to some city I can’t pronounce or spell. ...from Croatia to eastern Europe...and yes…that was making it for me! But I MADE my own fate…I worked at it until I got tired traveling...or my first son was way to hyper to handle both traveling and taking care of him. It is difficult to perform both duties well and I chose to come home and train others and be an available mother.  

It was just as hard then as it is now….well…maybe harder…we didn’t have the Internet to blast ourselves out there and perhaps become an overnight success. Yet, I see so many of you not using that incredible tool! No one can do that for you unless you pay lots of dinero...about $2500 per month should get you to the same place you could just possibly do yourselves with a jam packed hour per day.  

I can teach you the tools of making it, but I can’t do the grunt work...That’s your part...and you have to make a time for it just as you do any homework. With my incredibly overbooked schedule I have to make an appointment to clean my house! As in any business the main goal is systems and organization within those systems. SEG is no different and neither are you….Get your system going to “make it” to where your “make it” means!

What do Demi Lovato, Forever The Sickest Kids, BeyonceJessica Simpson,Selena Gomez,Cody Lindley and Nick Lachey have in common?  All of these performers, along with stars from Glee, Disney and well-known movies and tv shows, have studied with Linda Septien at Septien Entertainment’s School of Contemporary Music.  For 25 years they've helped countless artists define their style and perfect their craft.  


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