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One KILLER Marketing Strategy EVERY Musician Can/SHOULD Do!

One KILLER Marketing Strategy EVERY Musician Can/SHOULD Do!
A Guest Post by Jamie Leger

023 150x150 One KILLER Marketing Strategy EVERY Musician Can/SHOULD Do!

Marketing Strategy For Musicians

You’ve been telling everyone you know for the last month. Your dilligent and reliable street team has distributed two thousand flyers, and you’ve repeatedly notified your email list and social media channels. You’ve done it RIGHT this time. You’ve turned your show into an EVENT. You’ve incentivized this performance with a raffle and a little extra promotional effort than usual.


You and your band have prepared for this one. Calmly, there is a mutual nod of confidence and cumulative assurance that you have done an outstanding job getting ready for this one. You briskly take the stage and feel that rush of excitement… That pure feeling of “dude, this is going to be FUN!” You’re past nerves.


You check your instrument, adjust the mic, your drummer spins his stick as you glance back at him and he gives you a nod.


The place is PACKED. There must be 300 people CRAMMED into this place!


A little blonde starlit catches your eye, as you flip the mic on… You’re just about to light the place on fire with your first song, when…


You remember this little technique you learned from the dudes blog… And THIS time you’ve REMEMBERED to execute on it.


“Ladies and gentlemen, if i could have your attention please.”


You then direct your audience to turn off their phones.


Now they’ve got their phone in their hands, and then you tell them to TEXT ME your email address at xxx, you flip the number on a screen, and you tell them that you’ll not only send you a free song, you’ll let them pick your FAVORITE song and then will personally send it to them.


You then proceed to rock the hell out of that show, and RIGHT AFTER, before you leave the stage, you once again say, text me your email address, and repeat the offer again…


Now, every musician has heard by now that your mailing list is EVERYTHING. It is your biggest asset, and look at it like this… It is YOUR RETIREMENT plan.


If you were paying attention to the details, you already noticed the simple genius in this. But in case you missed it…


This is a KILLER yet stupid simple music marketing strategy for musicians because:


  • 1. This is THE time to ask them because they already have their phone in their hand.
  • 2. You have made a pretty sweet and PERSONALIZED offer.
  • 3. It costs them nothing, and they get something for free. People like that.
  • 4. It’s really easy to do. But very effective.
  • 5. You are incentivizing them to go and listen to ALL of your music, and then SELECT which is their favorite.

If they are someone who digs your stuff, they are now onboard with you, and on their way to becoming one of your RAVING fans who feels like they are WITH you along your journey!


Now, read that again, and then go and DO IT!


Be Brilliant,



P.S. And for god’s sake, if you haven’t signed up yet, it’s FREE and you become a PART OF THE FAMILY, so go and DO IT ALREADY! icon smile One KILLER Marketing Strategy EVERY Musician Can/SHOULD Do!


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