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Establishing Rapport With Music Licensing Professional

Establishing Rapport With Music Licensing Professional
A Guest Post by Aaron Davison of  How To License Your

After I got my first TV placement in 2002, I was so excited that I immediately got in touch with my publisher expressing my interest in getting more involved and getting more of my music placed.  I made it really clear that I was prepared to submit to as many opportunities as possible.  This led to an ongoing dialogue between the two of us over the years that has led to the opportunity to submit to and write for many different projects.  This led to many subsequent placements that I'm sure I never would have had if I hadn't been as aggresive as I was.
Getting your music placed with a solid publisher or library is a great first step and getting your first placement or two is an even greater step forward. But your work doesn't stop there.  In a way, this is just the beginning.  
For music to get licensed, it has to be the right piece of music at the right time. This is why sometimes songs will sit in catalogs for long periods of time, inactive, and then all of a sudden get licensed into one or more projects.  This is just the nature of the business.
But if you know what projects your publisher is pitching to behind the scenes, you can write more music that is a good match for projects they're pitching to.  Now obviously everything you pitch won't get placed, but if you do this enough and you're on target with your music, some will. You'll also be building up your catalog so that in the future you'll have even more tracks to pitch to future projects.
So if you're working with a publisher or library don't be shy to ask them about what their music needs are. There are people out there who will want to help you meet your goals.  Find them!
Want an in depth education on the music licensing business? The A-Z Of Music Licensing is the most clear and concise program available on how the music licensing business works. In addition to detailing exactly how the business works and the steps you need to take, I also include a comprehensive directory of people working in the industry so you also have information on who to submit your music to - information that is vital!  

For an in depth education on how to navigate your way through the maze that is the music licensing business and start generating money with your music, check out my program "The A-Z Of Music Licensing".  

Visit the How To License Your store for great resources related to getting your music in tv and films.  Niche courses, ebooks, industry directories and more. Live-Banner-General-Homepage.jpg

Visit the How To License Your store for great resources related to getting your music in tv and films.  Niche courses, ebooks, industry directories and more.

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