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Five Tips for Promoting Your Band's Mobile App

Five Tips for Promoting Your Band’s Mobile App

This is a guest post by Marcus Taylor, founder of The Musician’s Guide

Creating a mobile app for your band can be a decent sized investment, and with literally millions of other apps competing for your fan’s attention how can you make sure that your app stands out from the crowd?

Ultimately, it comes down to quality. Your band’s mobile app must offer value to your fans that make it worthwhile for them to download and regularly come back to. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t tactics and techniques you can use to increase the likelihood of fans downloading your app. Here are five tips to get more traction for your mobile app.

Give away exclusives

The best way to get fans to download your band’s mobile App is to fill it with awesome content that they can only see or hear through the app. Make your app the first place you upload live photos, new tracks, and behind the scenes videos. These exclusives will provide a compelling reason for your super fans to download and use your app regularly.

Use social advertising

I’m a big fan of social advertising when it’s done right.  While promoting your app via the usual social networking suspects (Twitter, Facebook Pages etc.) can be quite effective, you can boost the effectiveness by investing in mobile news feed ads on Facebook’s advertising platform to promote your app exclusively to people who might like your app and are also using a mobile device.

Get Media Coverage from App Sites

There are plenty of sites dedicated to reviewing mobiles apps, such as MacWorld, App Advice, and Daily App Show. In fact, many of the reputable mobile app creators like Mobile Roadie have an app of the week, which can help you to raise awareness of your new app if you build your app via their app creator.

Make it Accessible

If your mobile app is free for fans to download, your app will get downloaded much more than if you decide to charge for your app. Make it as easy as possible for fans to get your app. This includes making sure your app size is small enough so that it doesn’t take long to download the app.

Get Reviews

When it comes to getting visibility in the app store or Google Play, it’s important that your app has positive reviews from customers. Without being too pushy, try to find ways to encourage your users to write a quick review of your app to help attract new users.

Have any more tips on how bands can drive more attention to their mobile apps? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Live-Banner-General-Homepage.jpg

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