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What It Means To Be A Modern Content Creator

What It Means To Be A Modern Content Creator

The Dawn of The Artist-Entrepreneur

 A Guest Post by Jamie Leger

We’ve finally reached the tipping point for the infrastructure that’s been created and evolved over the last 15 years.


It is the completely connected planet, and open availability of marketing and distribution channels without the risks, costs, overhead, headache…


It is the era of TRUE VALUE, where INTANGIBLE assets have become the most valuable form of TRUE currency in the world we now live in. In the New Economy.


Opportunities abound in infinite proportions for more people and with less risk than has ever before been possible throughout human history.


This as you are most likely to have already heard, has changed that behemoth of a word-we call BUSINESS, and the entire world of modern commerce-on a fundamental level, FOREVER.


True Value is the basis of the New Economy as the long-tail continues to level large enterprise and empower ambitious entrepreneurs driven by an intuitive understanding of VALUE CREATION.


Creativity and innovation in any industry are the foundation of value creation, and will continue to be the key components for wealth creation and lifestyle design for Content Creators in the Modern World.


As thought leaders, experts, artists, bloggers, coaches, speakers… Creativity and innovation is OUR biggest asset; thus the stage is set for content creators who embrace the SUPPLEMENTAL values and habits of solutions based entrepreneurs.


The other side of the brain. Yes, they are SUPPOSED to work together.


The Modern Content Creator recognizes that THIS is where art and commerce meet.


The synergy between being both an Artist and an Entrepreneur.


You are a ContentPreneur.



What It Means To Be A Modern Content Creator


In short, it means four very important things.


1. That you are inherently both an Artist AND an Entrepreneur.


2. YOU are in control. You CREATE value, you CREATE your own economy. Creators are the leaders in the New Economy.


3. You must embrace, without excuses, the inherent roles and responsibilities of being a Modern Content Creator, if you want to build a successful career as a professional who experiences endless freedom and fulfillment doing what they love for those who love what they do.


4. You are a PRO. You utilize the tools and your creativity to do ALL that you can, where you are, with what you’ve got to work with. You utilize ALL of your mental faculties and operate to your full capacity.



Your JOB is to create high VALUE content for your audience and for your brand. (High value in contrast to high QUALITY means that it holds inherent value to people other than just YOU.) This is how you blend the best of both worlds.


This content can be creatively delivered through any format you choose, and be created for next to nothing.


Literally no one loses, and everyone is better for it…


The scale is proportional to the needs of your audience, and the value in the solution you can provide.


Yes of course, theres lots of people selling junk, empty promises, get rich quick, ethically questionable content and product of every kind…


and, I agree, The “law of attraction” just may have been the biggest gift for marketing since television…


But few are focused on the right things…


Modern Content Creators are on the OTHER SIDE of the noisy “get rich quick,” biz opp, make a million dollars step-by-step blueprint crap that litters the           inter-webs…


They are in it for the long-haul. To make a difference, connect, contribute, and experience endless freedom and fulfillment doing what they love for those that love what they do.


The opportunity is so much greater than making money by helping people make money by helping people make money online; as well as marketers marketing how to market to marketers who also market marketing…



It Is YOUR Future


The future of the internet and the future of the new economy belongs to those who understand what they want, what they are HERE to do, and HOW to use the tools of the Modern Content Creator to contribute in a much more meaningful way, and obtain the true value we all seek, endless freedom and fulfillment doing exactly what we love and feel deeply driven to do.


The New Economy has caused us to redefine what TRUE VALUE actually is, and intangible assets have proven to be the most valuable form of currency.


It has has also leveled the playing field despite company size and resources reserved for and only accessed by big budgets. This, as you are most likely already aware, has changed the world of commerce on a fundamental level, FOREVER.


High value Knowledge and Skills plus Relationship Capitol is the key to success, because ATTENTION, trust, and LOYALTY are the keys to business in the New Economy.


This translates to the MEANING and the STORY of a brand, (The “WHY”) as well as the depth and delivery of a congruent customer experience (the “HOW”) are now vital components to a thriving business in the new economy, in addition to of course the product or service itself. (the “WHAT”)


Historically, the opportunity for creative individuals has never been as accessible or abundant.


This means that in 2013 and beyond, YOU are in control!


There is a very real need for high value knowledge, experience, expertise, in virtually an unlimited amount of specified subject matters.


You also do not have to be an expert or authority right off the bat. You just have to carefully choose the skills and knowledge that you are driven to master, that interest you and you can commit to contributing to us all by teaching or reporting on.


There is a tremendous amount of noise on the internet and a definite demand for high quality content. Thus, those who are passionate or interested in learning a new skill or becoming an expert on a topic can simply be a high value resource through chronicling their journey to greatness in that area.


It’s about connection, high value content, (in every form) resonance through the heart of your message, through your story, along with a congruent and authentic experience that uniquely appeals to an audience.


What it means to be a Modern Content Creator is to understand, embrace, and utilize all that we have in what’s been a perfect storm of advancements and evolution and that we are so fortunate to be alive in this moment to carry out our mission, and experience endless freedom and fulfillment doing what we love for those that love what we do.


The key to success. The only differentiator between those that succeed and those that don’t, is…


A loyal audience that loves WHAT, WHY, and HOW you do what you do. What you provide. Why you do it. How you do it.


THAT’S the key to success.


Be Your Best,



If you’re ready to step up to the next level, go deeper, and become indoctrinated as a Content Creator in the Modern World…

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