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The Definitive Guide To Content Marketing Strategy For Creators

The Definitive Guide To Content Marketing Strategy For Creators

A Guest Post by Jamie Leger

Thinking about launching a new blog, training program, or book?


How about releasing an album, publishing a newsletter, showcasing a presentation or comedy routine?


Perhaps you already run a growing blog, write/speak/create for a living, or have amassed an archive of articles and high value content in any variety of formats…


Whatever the case may be, there is a phrase you’ve likely to have heard at least a time or two by now.


As Joe Pulizzi (The godfather of content marketing) often mentions, content marketing is not a new concept. John Deere implemented content marketing more than 100 years ago in the form of education and training material to improve the lives of farmers.


While the concept of a content marketing strategy has had a long and illustrious career – what IS new are the tools, technologies, and access to the global conversation in our modern world.


There’s aren’t any walls now, and all that’s required is that you have something to say and some story to tell.


On the internet, and in the New Economy, content is king, and in the world of content, VALUE is what is going to separate you, your message, and your brand from all the noisy, hackneyed web content perpetually accumulating digital dust.


You may be surprised to learn the number 1 reason why experts, artists, bloggers, coaches and personal brands fail to grow their brand online…


It’s not a lack of knowledge, capability, passion, or experience…


It’s because they are not providing their audience the kind of content they value. This is why their audience doesn’t grow, thus there brand, doesn’t grow.


True Value is currency in our New Economy, and high value content is the highest form of it.


If you are an expert with advice, knowledge, experience, and a message to share; an artist, writer, coach, or ContentPreneur that has come online to connect with the people you know you can serve, then i’d like to give you the secret weapon that will not only maximize your content production, but multiply your results.


The accelerated way to build your brand and exposure as a Modern Content Creator is with a sophisticated content marketing strategy, or simply, a content strategy.


There may be some confusion in your mind as to the differences between some of the buzzword lingo being thrown around, what these terms really mean, and more important-how to practically implement the concepts…


I intend to arm you with clarity and tactile strategies for you to do what you love, for those that love what you do. I will guide you through how to create, distribute, and MAXIMIZE high value content through an extensive series of lessons followed by helping you form a sophisticated content strategy of your own.


You can use the principles, techniques, strategies, ground level tactics, as well as the simplified frameworks for any valuable body of work you plan or produce for the rest of your career.


Why Have I Created This Guide?


My work with clients and the conversation with my audience has proven the need for some further clarity, definition, and training on the topic of building a content marketing strategy that works, and is broken down to connect the dots on a practical level.


Unable to find the comprehensive guide that focuses on delivering an advanced conceptual tour and ground level training experience-with an actionable blueprint framework specifically designed for the Content Creators, I thought i’d create it for my audience. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort and I think we’ve achieved just that.


I have built it so Content Creators in the modern world have the most thorough understanding for how to use the tools available to communicate their message more effectively, and maximize the capabilities their content can have in the global conversation.


The purpose of this guide is to indoctrinate you as a modern content creator, equip you with a full palette of tools, techniques, and content creation formats for you to tastefully turn into valuable communications that build a loyal audience that loves you for life.


My intention is to activate or re-activate your imagination for the bigger game we’re all playing here – despite the score of our social tallies…


I am going to condense the last 9 years of my career in content marketing as a content CREATOR-down to a practical, nugget-rich article series that will layout a professional grade blueprint for forming an effective content strategy, as well as planning, executing, and measuring your very own content marketing campaigns.


I will include all core components relevant for installing actionable long term processes into that creative mind of yours. I will include the concepts and the most common problem areas I encounter with my clients and students in regards to understanding their content strategy, and the process of content marketing.

Although some great books have been written, many high quality articles have been published, by some very respected individuals, I’ve yet to find a comprehensive-how-to guide specifically created for Modern Content Creators. (Expert/Artist/Coaching/Personal Brands)


Lot’s of stuff at an agency or enterprise level, but not much for us little content/lifestyle brands trying to make big waves in an ocean of noise.


Although, at a high level there are of course similarities, but there are also some very clear distinctions between a single person expert or personal brand forming their own content strategy, and a fortune 500 company or medium sized organization trying to do the same.


The good news is that you don’t have to worry about drawing out a corporate proposal, or waste a whole lot of time making a formal pitch to an executive.


I think you’ll find my perspective valuable as we cover the evolution of web content and marketing over the last decade in the process of this guide.


Drawing from my personal experience, as well as having the privilege of working with content creators at all levels over the last three years, I want to empower you with this knowledge as my thank you for what you do – gift. We appreciate it. I’m truly grateful to get to work with such amazing people for what some people call a “work week.”

All I ask is that you act on, implement, and share this content if you find it useful.

Alright, let’s begin.


Table of Contents: 


*Links added as series rolls out


1. Introduction - The Definitive Guide To Content Marketing Strategy For CREATORS

2. Modern Content Creators in the New Economy

3. SEO Campaigns Have Evolved Into The Content Marketing Process

4. The SEO Factors

5. The Content Marketing Process

6. The Tools of The Modern Content Creator

7. Creating Better Content

8. How To Create High Value Content

9. Market Research

10. Keyword Research

11. Optimizing Your Website

12. Content Strategy Blueprint - 3 Step Content Marketing Blueprint

13. Campaign Strategy

14. Content Mapping: How To Map Your Content

15. Publishing Plan


Unique Value Positioning


What Actually Is a Content Marketing Strategy?


For some reason, it really does sound like a behemoth of a phrase doesn’t it?


At it’s highest level, it’s just the answers to all the questions your audience would have about you before they know, like, and trust you. It’s the Who, What, Why, When, Where, & How of your content production and distribution plan.


A content strategy simply involves the planning, creation, and distribution of targeted content designed to serve a purpose and achieve a goal.


For Modern Content Creators, a content strategy should be mapped out BEFORE the launch of a blog, a book, course, program or content marketing campaign-in order to coordinate, execute, and maximize your efforts and results most effectively.


Again a content strategy is quite simply:


  • What – Kind of content or body of work are you planning to create? What formats? (Book, blog, speech, album, workshop, course, screenplay, etc.)


  • Who – Are you creating it for? Who is the target audience and persona’s you are talking to.


  • Why – Are you doing this in the first place? What is the outcome, goal or ultimate objective for creating this.


  • When – Are you planning on releasing this? Whats the publishing deadline and the production timelines.


  • Where – Are you going to distribute this content? What channels are you going to use? Where is your audience?


  • How – Are you going to make all this happen? What the plan? How can you do all this stuff and keep sane in the process? What resources do you need, do you have, would you like?


Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy:


*Let’s clear up some of the jargon discrepancies


Just so that there is no confusion about the difference between content marketing and content strategy…

Content Marketing is a term that encompasses the whole process of creating, publishing, and distributing content for the purpose of building a brand.

Content Strategy is the pre-production phase of goal setting and planning any new body of valuable content, in order to maximize it’s impact and effectiveness.


The Content Marketing Process just refers to the specific process an individual brand is implementing to create and market content for a business objective.

All content that is created to truly add value to an audience and build a brand (with the exception of a purely personal blog with absolutely zero business objectives now or in the future) is essentially content marketing, content marketing is NOT advertising and has no rules or regulations.

E.G. Amanda Palmer’s blog still serves a business objective, because she is a brand.


The Benefits of Content Marketing:


Content is the personality, the style, the soul, whats INSIDE. It’s the story of your brand, and as modern content creators, it IS your brand. (experts, artists, leaders, coaches, comedians, personal brands)


Content is the fabric that holds your website together, gives your brand a personality and unique voice, develops rapport with your audience, and ultimately creates brand loyalty.


In our web 2 world, where engagement, value, and relationships are valued more than quantitative marketing strategies or advertising impressions; brand loyalty is the lynchpin. Content marketing is the secret to building a community by exchanging real value and fostering real relationships with real people…


•        High value content is how we develop your site into a trusted authority, rank higher, and convert

•        It’s the best way to build a large and loyal audience that loves you.

•        It’s The best way to create a perpetual source of traffic, leads, and sales for your business.

•        Pay-per-click and paid traffic, cannot compete for long-term ROI and overall cost effectiveness.

•        It is how you build a brand and an audience in the Modern World.


Who is this for?


Specifically for Modern Content Creators, (Expert/Artist/Personal Brands) which you’ll learn more about in the next lesson.


Authors, Artists, Speakers, MusicPreneurs, Experts, Comics, Coaches, Consultants, Writers, Bloggers, Screenwriters, Play-writes, Journalists, Songwriters, and Creative Professionals.


But this guide can also be used by any brand that wants to form an effective content strategy.


Why Do I Need One?


Thought leadership, authority positioning, being a credible go-to voice in your market, earning trust with your audience, and establishing brand loyalty; all these buzzwords and phrases you hear continuously tossed around, although grossly overused, all point back to some undeniable truths.


The conversation is global, attention is scarce, and content is currency.

Let me say that again…

The conversation is global, attention is scarce, and content is currency.


Although ripe with opportunity, business has become more competitive than it’s ever been.


But not only is the best way to serve your global audience-by communicating with them on an ongoing basis, providing value and doing great things that they love you for… but to thrive as a Modern Content Creator in the New Economy, you need to identify, clarify and communicate your unique value positioning before you can build an audience that loves what, why, and how you do what you do.


The goal is to find a way to do what you love, for those that love what you do. Freedom and fulfillment.


The master key to success in the new economy is of course, BRAND LOYALTY. You need to build an effective platform to set your brand up for future success, and to secure your ability to effectively serve your audience most effectively. (Unless you want to be the low-cost-leader, or the biz-opp slumlord)


The ability to maximize and effectively market high value content is what is going to separate you from your competition.


When Should I Create My Content Strategy?


As they say, the best time to plant the tree would have been 15 years ago, the second best time is right now.


Where Should I Start?


You should start by clearing all your other browser tabs, turning off your cell phone and other distractions, shutting the door and dedicating a period of time or several consecutive work blocks to focusing on this material.


Go through it once all the way through as well complete all the exercises, and the reference it for any questions that come up until you’ve got it locked and loaded in your brain-bucket.


How Should I Use This Guide?


I suggest you follow the sequential progression through these 12 parts, and then revisit each of them as many times as you need after that.


In the last four modules I break down the process I use and a template that you can easily follow or modify to form your own content strategy and content marketing campaigns for the rest of your career.


All preceding lessons have their own singularly focused exercise, (I call a mission) but the final three are where you are going to be putting everything together as I guide you through the process.


I know this thing we call a “Content Strategy” can easily sound daunting and complex, but I’ve done my best to simplify and deliver this content as effectively and as practically as I could.


In the next lesson we’ll start with a guided explanation of your role as a Modern Content Creator in the New Economy.


If you’re ready to step up to the next level, go deeper, and become indoctrinated as a Content Creator in the Modern World…


CREATORS Academy! – The Official Content Marketing Bootcamp For Modern Content Creators is OFFICIALLY LIVE!


This is the 12 Week Content Marketing, Audience Development, & Traffic Transformation Program for those who CREATE the content!


This WHOLE COURSE, ALL the content, is my gift to you. I want you to know that you deserve it, and that it is my honor to be of service to you in a way that no one has before. Enroll today with a full scholarship while their are still seats available.


Be Your Best,

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