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Making A Band Logo - Everything You Need To Know

Making A Band Logo - Everything you need to know
A Guest Post by Unified Manufacturing

If you’re a new band and you’ve decided to take your music career to the next level, one of the first things you have to do is make a band logo. That is because being serious with your “career” means you are willing to market your music to a wider audience. Read up to know more about creating an effective logo.


You need a band logo to solidify your image. The font, colors, and elements would give new fans a hint of what type of music you play.

You need a band logo for your profile picture, for your merch and shirts, for your stickers, for your website, and other materials for marketing your music.

You need a band logo for quick recognition.

You need a band logo to give people the impression that you’re in it for the long haul and you’re not like the million other newcomers who will soon become newgoers. Having a logo means you’re more serious about your music career than those who don’t have any.



Most of these tips are found on David Airey’s blog. He got these important design elements when it comes to brand identities from his friend, Lee Newham. Sharing the list here with my own elaboration because I believe that if yoy nail these three, you got a good logo.

1. Describable and Memorable
If people can recognize your logo right away and they can describe it without difficulty, that’s an indication that your logo is good. Most logos that are easy to recall have very simple designs. Think of really famous logos and notice how simple they actually are- McDonalds, National Geographic, Nike. That’s because when it comes to logo design, less is definitely more.

2. Effective Without color
Is your logo appealing to the colorblind? Is your logo still effective if it’s in a Black and White paper? If the other elements of your design look too bland or unrecognizable without the colors, scrap it. Form and shape should always be given more importance than color. Focus on the two first before you experiment with color.

3. Effective when Just an inch size
Again, the simpler the better. If you have too many elements going on, the logo would be unrecognizable when scaled down to just an inch. Imagine how busy it would look if you’re going to print your logo to a business card or USB Flash Drive.


1. Be clear of the image you want.  Identify what you want others to feel upon seeing your logo.  List down the words that you want associated with your band. Bright? Funny? Edgy? Write them all down then trim down to five. Be sure that’s what you want your band to be known for. Don’t overlook this step as this is very essential for your branding. The other steps are pointless without this step.

2. View a list of good logo designs. Study them. Get inspired by them.  Try to analyze why they are effective. For a start, here’s Paste Magazine’s compilation of 50 best band logos of all time.

3. View a list of poorly done and ineffective logo designs. After viewing the good ones, it’s time to check out the awful ones. Try to find out why they’re ugly. Learn from their mistakes. Here’s Gigwise’ list of really awful band logos.

4. Make sketches. To make you and your designer’s lives easier, sketch the designs you want. It’s pretty tough explaining something visual in words- even the most poetic words can’t beat a decent sketch.

5. Choose the fonts you like. You may not be an expert of fonts but just so your designer will have an idea of what you like, google the fonts you like. Show it to your designer and ask his opinion. If he’s a good designer, he’d know if it looks good with your design and if it matches your goals. If he doesn’t find them fitting, he can easily look for a font that’s close to what you want.

6. Decide the color pallets. What colors do you think best represent your band and the image you want to portray? Suggest color combinations to your designer and let him make versions.

Tip: Make sure you let a designer make your logo if you know nothing about design. It will cost you a few dollars but nothing that could cripple your savings. Don’t be cheap when it comes to design.

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