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Frequently Asked Questions

After I sign up, want should I do?
When you sign up for a Music Clout membership, you will receive a verification email to the email address you provided during sign up. This email will allow you to login to your Music Clout profile. If you do not see this email in your inbox, remember to check your spam/junk email folder. Please make sure that you type your email address correctly during sign up.*

What is the purpose of the profile page/ electronic press kit?
The profile page acts as your resume. It contains your music, photos, bio, and lists upcoming shows or events that you might be participating in. You can also link it to other pages you have that represent your music (Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, etc.) It is very important that this page is filled with content. It is one of the first things that industry professionals see when interested in your music and visiting your page.

How do I submit my song to an opportunity?
In order to submit your music to any opportunity listed on the website, you must first upload your music to your profile page.

How do I upload music to my profile page?
To upload your music, please log in to your account and click on the "My Profile" tab towards the top of the page. Then, create a new song album for you to upload music to. If you do not have an album, you can simply entitle it "My Album" if you wish. At that point, you should be able to upload music. Please make sure that all songs that you are uploading are in MP3 format, as this is the only format that our system currently accepts. You can also try to lower the bit rate of the songs you are attempting to upload, as that sometimes has an affect as well.

How many songs or photos can I upload to my profile page?
Simple: As many as you'd like!

How do I upload pictures to my profile page?
In order to upload your pictures to your profile page, please log in to your account and click on the "My Profile" tab towards the top of the page. Then, scroll down until you see the section that says "My Pictures." There you can create your photo album and upload your pictures. Please make sure that your photo's are JPEG images. The size limit for uploading pictures should be 2MBs. Any size over that will not upload successfully.

I am still unable to upload my music and songs, why?
Please keep in mind that all songs must be in an MP3 format. If you are trying to upload a song in any other format, it will not work. Also, please make sure that all photos that you are trying to upload are JPEG images only. If you are trying to upload MP3’s and JPEG’s and are still unable to do so, please try again using the browser Chrome because you may be experiencing a browser issue.

Why am I unable to see the songs that I have already uploaded on my profile page?
Please do not worry. If you have uploaded songs and you are unable to see them on your profile page, please try using the browser Chrome. All it is is a browser issue. Sometimes users experience issues in other browsers so we always recommend using the browser Chrome because it works the best with our system.

I unable to select a song from my album to submit to an opportunity, why?
If you are unable to view or choose your song from an album that you have already uploaded to submit to an opportunity, please try again using the browser Chrome. There is nothing wrong with your profile page, it is just a browser issue.

How do I make my picture as the main profile image?
In order to make a picture as your main profile photo, you must first upload a picture normally to your page. Once you choose what photo you want to use, please click on that picture to open it up in a new window. At the top of that window, you should see a link with a blue check mark next to it that says "Set as Profile Picture". Please click this link to choose that photo as your new main profile pic.

What is the size requirement for the music album photos?
The music album cover accepts most sizes but if your picture is coming out incorrectly, please change the dimensions to 100 X 100. (These dimensions only pertain to the music album pictures.)

How do I update my payment information?
In order to update your payment information, please login to your Music Clout member’s page and visit the "My Account" section. On the bottom left side of the page, you will see a tab that says "Payment Options." You can open that and update your payment information there.

How many songs can I submit to each opportunity?
You can submit to as many opportunities that your music matches for but we do limit one song per opportunity. However, whenever a track is submitted from any artist, a link to their electronic press kit is also attached so the music supervisor has the ability to listen to all of the tracks if they are interested in that artist. This helps manage our music playlists so the best and most fitted songs for that opportunity are submitted.

If the listing is not located in the US, can I still submit to that opportunity?
All of the submissions are open to all artists worldwide unless there is a special note within the project description that says otherwise. The reason we have the different country flags on each opportunity is because the company that is posting the project is from that particular location. An artist can submit to any opportunity on the site that matches their music, regardless of the location of the company.

How do I know what submissions I have already made?
Please login to your account and click on the "My Account" button. Then, open the "Submission History" tab located on the middle right side of the page, and click on "All of My Submissions." There you can view the full history of the submissions that you made.

How do I know if/when one of my submissions has placed?
Music Clout will contact you directly in the occurrence of any and all placements with the information required to secure that placement. In most instances, contact between you (the artist) and the interested party (music supervisor, label rep, publisher, etc.) will need to be made. Please note that it can take up to 6 weeks from the submission deadline date to be contacted by us or an entity if you have been chosen to move forward with an opportunity. The majority of our communication with you will be done through the email address you have provided at registration. Please be sure to check your email often and add info@musicclout.com to your contact list to avoid important messages being filtered elsewhere.

Please be aware that we are only notified by the interested party if they want to move forward with an artists/bands songs and are not notified every time they pass on any music that was submitted. (This is standard practice within the music industry.) We also do not make any decisions as to who gets chosen. When we hear back from the interested party, we email the artist(s) ASAP and let them know the details of that placement opportunity.

How do I cancel/change the plan on my account?
You may upgrade or downgrade your membership level at any time throughout your subscription. To upgrade your account, visit the “My Account” section of your members page and click on the “Upgrade” button. Please follow the steps until your upgrade is complete.

A downgrade of your account will lead to a restriction of your membership capabilities. To downgrade your account to a Free or Gold membership, please write an email to billing@musicclout.com at least (5) days prior to your next scheduled renewal date and request to be downgraded. When you request for a downgrade to a Free membership, your billing stops immediately, and no new charges will be billed to you unless you re-instate your subscription.