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One of the most prominent aspects of Music Clout’s promotional services is College Radio. College Radio is widely viewed by labels, high-end management agencies and distribution companies as the “proving grounds” for independent bands and artists. Not only can an act receive airplay through our college radio efforts, but also comments, interviews, and reports with CMJ (College Music Journal). Radio campaigns can result in gaining a following, physical and digital CD sales, increased merchandise sales, and better turnouts for live performances. Overall, College Radio airplay is used as a development tool for up and coming bands and artists in the indie circuit. College Radio can have many different types of formats, and the processes for tackling these formats and generating radio play is different for each one. If you are unsure of your format, a Music Clout representative will gladly work with you to identify that format in order to make radio play come to fruition.

While an Indie band or artist can benefit greatly from a well-run College Radio Campaign, they are not for everybody. There are many steps that need to be taken ahead of time before a campaign ensues. For more information regarding Music Clout’s College Radio Campaigns, please email us at ail us at

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