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Lion in The Mane

Coming Early 2014: #THENOISEWAR

Brooklyn, New York
United States

Coming Early 2014: #THENOISEWAR

added on December 11, Wednesday

Lion In The Maine Announce Album Release Date, Currently In The Studio

Lion In The Maine are currently in the studio recording a follow up to ”The Way We’re Wired.” The new record will be called ”The Noise War” and will be released in early 2014. Check out more info recording where the record is be recording, who is producing the record, etc. below!Lion in The Mane is officially recording their long awaited follow-up to “The Way We’re Wired” with Producer Kory Gable at The Looking Glass Recording Studios in North Atlanta, Georgia. The record will then be mastered at the world famous Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland, Maine by Grammy Winning, Master Engineer Adam Ayan.Lion in The Mane’s “The Noise War” will be released in early 2014. 


♫ Just Announced: New York, NY - Sep 13 at Santos Party House

Wed Jul 30 03:35:22 +0000 2014

One hot and sweaty day in Orlando. But the boys still looking good! #warpedtour Photo cred:…

Mon Jul 28 02:12:55 +0000 2014

Warped tour was a blast! Thanks for everyone for hanging out and dealing with the heat and rain! You…

Sun Jul 27 23:53:25 +0000 2014

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Lion in The Mane is an American Rock band from New York City, NY. Formerly known as The Atlas, the band consists of Jon Masters (lead vocals, guitar, keys), Dmitry Libman (lead guitar and backing vocals), Zach Fallow (bass and backing vocals), Andrew Lynch (guitar, keys, synth and backing vocals) and Johnny Coryn (drums). The band's long time original bassist and founding member Henry D'Allacco left the band after getting married in the Fall of 2013.

The band, which formed in 2009, brilliantly executed the debut of their incredible wall of sound to a sizable passionate audience at The Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York on December 14, 2010. Lion in The Mane's musical style has been described as "building crescendos with dynamic conclusions which indicates the work of experienced musicians with a conscientious attention to songwriting detail" by the media, drawing comparisons to 30 Seconds to Mars, Angels and Airwaves and The Dangerous Summer.

The fervor of their incendiary live show has propelled them to that "my new favorite band" status that has managed to create one of a kind rock anthems with the track "The Way We're Wired".

When the band isn't relentlessly writing and recording each night at their NYC loft studio they can be found touring America and showcasing at CMJ, SXSW, Florida Music Festival and LAUNCH.

LITM's debut EP The Way We're Wired was released independently in August 2011. Plans to record a full-length are in the works with a release date in early 2014.



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